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Member List

Membership in the organization varies from year to year, with new members joining. New members join throughout the year; the member list contains only those members who joined by the deadline set by the treasurer. To download a list of current members (pdf) click here.

Member Biographies

The first biography project, completed in 1997, resulted in a book that is available in the SJSU Library. The title of the book is "Biographies of Retired Faculty San Jose State University 1997". The second project was started in 2009. Members were sent a form to use to give their personal and professional history as well as a personal statement. Completed biographies will be added to the list below as they are available. Click on a name below to download the biography in as a pdf file.

Add your bio to this list by downloading and completing the SJSU ERFA Bio Form (doc). Email it, along with a separate .jpeg picture of yourself (any age!), to Don't attempt to fit the picture into the document. It's difficult unless you have 21st century computer skills. Another option is to download a hard copy of the SJSU ERFA Bio From (pdf) and fill it out by hand. Your life at SJSU is part of our as-yet unwritten social history. Please help us make it as complete as possible! We lived through some changing times....and we were part of the changes."

Achtenhagen, Stephen H (pdf)

Asher, James J (pdf)

Beard, Jean (pdf)

Betten, Paul H. (pdf)

Brainard, Helen L (pdf)

Brown, Paul (pdf)

Buzanski, Peter (pdf)

Carter, Charles [deceased] (pdf)

Castro, George (pdf)

Chai, Hi-Dong (pdf)

Christensen, Carol L (pdf)

Cody, Bonnie Jill (pdf)

Crane, John K. (pdf)

Douglas, Jack R. (pdf)

Edfelt, Ralph B. (pdf)

Elliott, David H (pdf)

Elmore, Dana T (pdf)

Escobar-Hamilton, Dolores A. (pdf)

Fimbel, Nancie (pdf)

Fischl, Louis J (pdf)

Fitting Gifford, Marjorie (pdf)

Freeman, James M. (pdf)

Fullerton, Gail (pdf)

Goodwin, Dwight L (pdf)

Greb, Gordon B (pdf)

Grilione, Patricia [Pat] (pdf)

Guerin, Gil (pdf)

Gustafson, William F (pdf)

Hamilton, Roland (pdf)

Jensen, Billie Barnes (pdf)

Kallenbach, Warren W (pdf)

Keesey, Donald (pdf)

Kenk, Vida C (pdf)

Lawrence, Clyde (pdf)

Layton, Thomas N (pdf)

Leach, Elsie (pdf)

Lease, Gus C (pdf)

Leung, Kai C (pdf)

Loventhal, Milton (pdf)

Margolin, Cindy (pdf)

Matson, John O (pdf)

Miller, Kathleen (pdf)

McIntrye, Mike (pdf)

McNeil, David (pdf)

Mueller, Karl J (pdf)

Nichols, Patricia Causey (pdf)

Noah, James E [deceased] (pdf)

Okerlund, Arlene (pdf)

Parkman, Ralph (pdf)

Paul, Jeff (pdf)

Pedretti, Lorraine A (pdf)

Peruzzi, Duilio (pdf)

Peterson, Nils (pdf)

Pitts, Wanda D (pdf)

Pollock, John (pdf)

Pugno, Lawrence [deceased] (pdf)

Ramonda, Bob (pdf)

Rico, Gabriele Lusser (pdf)

Rife, Joanne T (pdf)

Schutz, Fred (pdf)

Schwarz, David (pdf)

Sellarole, John (pdf)

Shellhammer, Howard (pdf)

Sinn, Don (pdf)

Smith, Lonna (pdf)

Smolensky, Jack (pdf)

Spicher, Robert G.(pdf)

Stevens, Calvin (pdf)

Tidwell, William L. (pdf)

Tiedt, Sidney W (pdf)

Underdal, Stanley J (pdf)

Van Arsdale, Gordon (pdf)

Wagner, Irma Guzman (pdf)

Walsh, James P (pdf)

White, J Benton (pdf)

Whitlatch, Jo Bell (pdf)

Wilcox, Dennis (pdf)

Williams, Gareth T (pdf)

Wrede, Robert (pdf)

Yoder, Marian K (pdf)