Executive Board

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The executive board consists of officer and ex-officio members.  The Board meets monthly during the academic semesters to plan events and conduct the business of the SJSU ERFA.  Election of officers occurs at the spring luncheon each year.  New board members and others interested in joining the board are advised to read the Board Member Orientation Sheet (pdf).

2019-2020 Officers

President -Chris Jochim

Vice President - Tim Hegstrom

Secretary - Celia Bakke

Treasurer - Abdel El-Shaieb

Members at Large - Lucy McProud, Carmen Sigler, and Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno

Academic Senate - Susan McClory

Past President - Elba Maldonado-Colon


Ex-Officio Members

CSU-ERFSA Representatives-  Don Keesey, Nancie Fimbel and Joan Merdinger

Membership- Jackie Snell and Joan Merdinger 

Newsletter-Nancie Fimbel and Don Keesey (Editors) and Clyde Lawrence (Layout/Design)

Activities- Dolores Escobar-Hamilton, Lonna Smith, and Lucy McProud

Small Group Coordinator: Marian Yoder & Don Keesey

Program - Carmen Sigler, Barbara Conry, Bill McCraw, and Mary Jo Moreno-Gorney

Consolations - Jill Cody

Archivist- Celia Bakke

Webmaster - Carol Christensen