Executive Board

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The executive board consists of officer and ex-officio members. The committee meets monthly during the academic semesters. It plans events and conducts the business of the SJSU ERFA.





PresidentJoan Merdinger

Vice President - Gail Evans

Secretary - Jo Bell Whitlatch

Treasurer - Abdel El-Shaieb

Members at Large - Marian Yoder, Bill McCraw, and Patrick Hamill

Academic Senate - Peter Buzanski

Past President - Carmen Sigler


Ex-Officio Members

CSU-ERFA Representatives-  Don Keesey, Bob Wilson  and Joan Merdinger

CSU-ERFA Member at Large- Adnan Daoud

Membership- Wayne Savage

Newsletter- Gene Bernardini (Editor) and Clyde Lawrence (Layout/Design)

Activities- Dolores Escobar-Hamilton, Lonna Smith, and Barbara Conry 

Consolations - Jill Cody

Archivist- Lonna Smith

Webmaster - Carol Christensen