Department Award Winners

 This year's award winners listed here as a pdf. For all award winners 2006-present, see below.

The Academy of American Poets/Virginia deAraujo

2009 Winners:
Mark Heinlen, "Things Themselves of Wonder"
David Kern, "Corrosion" Honorable Mention
2008 Winners
Rachelle Escamilla, Tommy Mouton (Honorable Mention), Susanne Tobin (Honorable Mention)
2007 Winners
Jerry Sexton (1st), Jesse Martin (2nd)

Bonita M. Cox Award for Classical & Medieval Studies

2009 Winner:Ivy Cook, "Love: Toxic to Mind and Body"
2008 Winner: Casey Fedde
2007 WinnerLakshmikanthan Anandavalli
2006 Winner: Michelle Perry

Bonita M. Cox Award for Creative Nonfiction

2009 Winner: Mark Heinlen, "Ablution"
2008 Winner: Jessica Guidotti
2007 Winners:
Undergraduate: Elizabeth Joesten(1st), Micaela Youmans (2nd), Cynthia Skinner (Honorable Mention)
Graduate: Tommy Mouton (1st), Nigel Funge(2nd), Candice Wynn (Honorable Mention)
2006 Winners: Erica Goss, Jenny Walicek

Bonita M. Cox Award for Studies in Medieval Literature

2009 Winner: Kelly Ricker, "Fortune's Hand in Fate"
2008 Winner: Kelly Ricker
2007 Winner: Sandeep KaurPabla
2006 Winner: Jacquelyn Hendricks

Catherine Urban Scholarships

2009 Winner: Levi Lam
2008 Winners:
 Christina Wenger, Erin Guldiken
2007 Winners: Eric Cesar Morales, Caroline Carlos, ErinGuldiken
2006 Winners: Mary Williams & Amy Leonard

Courtney E. Cox Chaucer Prize

2007 Winner:Adam Barrett
2006 Winner: Suzanne Kroeze

Dorothy Wright Children's Literature Award

2009 Winner: Jessica Guidotti
2007 Winner:
 Eric Cesar Morales
2006 Winner: Eric Morales

Dorrit Sibley Award

2009 Winners: Sasha Wallace, Undergraduate and Frank Penones, Jr., Graduate 
2008 Winners:
 Brian L. Smith (GR), Rachelle Escamilla (UG)
2007 Winners: Erica Goss (GR), Micaela Youmans (UG)
2006 Winner: Jenny Walicek

Edward Markham Award

2007 Winner: Erica Goss

Harvey Birenbaum Prize For Excellence in the Graduate Study of Literature

2009 Winner: Heather Stanger
2008 Winner:
 Alanna Callaway
2007 Winner: Thomas Hewitt
2006 Winner: Jacquelyn Hendricks

James O. Wood Shakespeare Award

2009 Winner: Eleanor Lovinfosse, "Four Centuries Apart: From England to Iran, Two Inspirational Poets"
2008 Winners: John MacPherson, Erin Guldiken
2007 Winners: Andrea Lampert
2006 Winners: Mary Williams, Jenny WalicekJacquelynHendricks

Josephine Chandler Scholarship

2007 Winner: [None from our Department]
2006 Winner: Jenny Walicek

Lois King Thore Scholarship

2009 Winners: Vincent Bergado
2008 Winners: Matt McCoy (GR), Casey Fedde (UG)
2007 Winner: ShaquanaMitchell
2006 Winner: Kelly Rice

Marjorie McLaughlin Folendorf Award for Creative Writing

2009 Winners: John Newman
2008 Winners: Tommy Mouton (GR), Rachelle Escamilla (UG)
2007 Winner: Jennifer De Guzman
2006 Winner: Neli Moody

Mara Steffey Graduate Award

2009 Winners: Maria Judnick
2008 Winners: Thomas Hewitt (MA) & Dan Arnold (MFA)
2007 Winners: Julie Meloni (MA) & Peter O’Sullivan (MFA)
2006 Winners: Steve Wood (MFA) & Sarah Hardrader (MA)

Outstanding Teaching Associate

2009 Winner: Mary Williams

Robert Woodward Award for Excellence in American Literature

2009 Winners: Kelly Ricker, "Constant Change: The Oral Tradition of Transformation in Zitkala-Sa's Fiction"

Roberta Holloway Undergraduate Award

2009 Winner: Marina Scobie
2008 Winner:
 Crystle Bruno
2007 Winner: Huma Saleem
2006 Winner: Mary Williams

Ruth MacLean McGee Award for Creative Nonfiction

2009 Winner: Nigel Funge

Schelby A. Sweeney Beowulf Prize

2007 Winner: [None]
2006 WinnerDareth Pray

Shirley Nelson Iverson Scholarship for New Freshmen

2009 Winner: Priya Banwait
2007 Winner: Monique Camarillo
2006 Winner: [None]

SJSU Student Poetry Award

2007 Winners:
1st “Labor Day 2005,” Peter Bosel
Honorable Mention, “Peripheral Vision,” Rachelle Escamilla

James Phelan Literary Awards (Several categories)


Metrical Verse (under 30 lines)

2009 Winners Undergraduate:
1st "Dinner Reservations," Faith Chilil
2nd "My Life Line Bled," Sandra Santos
3rd "On Explicating Poetry," Michelle Fullner
2009 Winners Graduate:
1st "Sonnet of the Poet's Pen," Gwen-Florelei Luib
2nd "Stillborn," Nicholas 'Max' Goodwin
3rd "On Having Fires," Josh Cembellin

2008 Winners:
1st "If your Birthday is August 30th," Angela Grace Mendoza
2nd "Innocence Erased," Michael Schauf
Honorable Mention "Goodbye (We Must Part)," Yasha Bol
Honorable Mention, Evelyn A. So, "On Seekers and Skeptics" (GR) 

2007 Winners:

1st, “West Berlin,” Kevin McGee (UG)
2nd “What Keeps Us Up,” Matthew Frise (UG)
3rd “On Sins and Salvation,” Rachelle L. Escamilla (UG)

1st “The Dinner Visages,” Jerry Sexton (GR)
2nd “Sestina in Silicon,” Linda Lappin (GR)
Honorable Mention, “Cracking Coconuts,” Higinofrancisco Penones(GR)

2006 Winners:
1st, "Crosstalk," Jenny Walicek (UG)
2nd, "To Cleopatra," Jacob ContraneBurris (UG)

1st, "The Shield of Mercenary ," Rob Swart (GR)
2nd "Cupertino," Stephanie Chan (GR)

Metrical Verse (30 lines or more)

2009 Winners Undergraduate:
1st "Survey of Avian History, Ancient Through Early Renaissance," Laura Thomas
2nd "The Nondescript,: Michael Widman
3rd "From the Journal of Adeline Phelps, November 4th, 1926," Carl Evans
2009 Winners Graduate:
1st "Echidna and Edelweiss," Nicholas 'Max' Goodwin
2nd "Stray Cat," Josh Cembellin
2008 Winners:

1st "Apollo, Apologies," Laura Thomas (UG)
2nd "1916," Katie Luttrell (UG)
"Denmark, On My 40th Birthday," Tanja Nathanael (GR)

2007 Winners:
1st “Wind Warrior,” Kelly Rice (UG)
2nd “The Flight of the Earls, 1607,” Sara Yates (UG)
Honorable Mention “Harvest,” Kevin McGee (UG)

1st “A Physicist’s Love Story,” Peter O’Sullivan (GR)
2nd “Cacoethes,” Linda Lappin (GR)
Honorable Mention “All These Poems,” Janna Layton (GR)

2006 Winners:
1st, "Degeneration," Jenny Walicek(UG)
2nd, "On Watching Francis," Jacob Coltrane Burris (UG)

Free Verse (under 30 lines)

2009 Winners Undergraduate:
1st "Like the Back of My Hand," Laura Thomas
2nd "A CaballoVamo' Pa'l Monte (for Ilbrahim Ferrer)"
Honorable Mention "$20 Hands Drawing Hands T-Shirt," T. J. Flores
2009 Winners Graduate:
1st "Tracking Gala Apples," David Kern
2nd "The Cliff House," Evelyn So
Honorable Mention "Lemon," Darrell De la Cruz

2008 Winners:
1st "Salinas, CA 1967," Rachelle Escamilla
2nd "Cousins, Who Never Visit," Laura Thomas
Honorable Mention "For Ringo," Thomas James Flores

1st "Sax Solo," Evelyn A. So
2nd "Mary," Susanne Tobin
Honorable Mention "Hero," David Kern

2007 Winners:
1st “In Memory,” Cynthia Skinner (UG)
2nd “Living Aches,” Matthew Frise (UG)

1st “Hand: A Landscape,” Erica Goss (GR)
2nd “This Side of Paradise,” Evelyn So (GR)

2006 Winners:
1st, "Interruption," Jenny Walicek(UG)
2nd, "Twenty Two," Elizabeth Joesten(UG)
Honorable Mention, "Thinking," Matt Frise

1st, "Dean Women Pass," Stephanie Chan (GR)
2nd, "The Passing Freeze," Stephanie Chan (GR)
Honorable Mention, "Arcade Rats," Rob Swart (GR)

Free Verse (30 lines or more)

2009 Winners Undergraduate:
1st "In Remembrance," Adriana Handano
2nd "For Espera DeCorti and the Injune Who Mistook Me For an Indian," T.J. Flores
2009 Winners Graduate:
1st "I Don't Know What to Do," Mark Heinlen
2nd "Catching Crawdads," Samantha Le
Honorable Mention, "St. Paul's" David Kern

2008 Winner:
"St. James," Evelyn A. So

2007 Winners:
1st “In the Coat Closet,” Micaela Youmans (UG)
2nd “Sing, Sister Sing,” Sara Yates (UG)
Honorable Mention “Rainy Day Sunday,” Rachelle Escamilla (UG)

1st “Poisons,” Matt Widener (GR)
2nd “Manhattan Stories,” Higinofrancisco Penones(GR)
Honorable Mention “Intervening,” Janna Layton (GR)

2006 Winners:
1st, "Making Yellow Music," Stephanie Chan (G)
2nd, "Fireflies," Rob Swart (G)

1st, "November Under the . . . ," Elizabeth Joesten(UG)
2nd, "My Desk ," Richard Webb (UG)

Short Story (under 2,000 words; one entry per person)

2009 Winners:
1st "An Accumulation," Laura Thomas
2nd "The Gang's All Here," Aaron Edwin Fellman
3rd "Oh! The Things Tawny Can Do!" Patricial Kelley

1st "Chicken," Teri Carter
2nd "Parcel," Nikolina Kulidzan
3rd "A Grandmother's Treasure," Ruth Rabin

2008 Winners:
1st "The Kindly Ones," Tanja Nathanael
2nd "Two Little Girls," Sarah Seymour

2007 Winners:
1st “America Sings A Mother,” Sara Yates (UG)
2nd “Faded Pictures,” Eric Morales (UG)

1st “The Ride,” Matthew Widener (GR)
2nd “The Edge of Revelations,” Peter O’Sullivan (GR)
Honorable Mention “Speaking of Joey,” Evelyn So (GR)

2006 Winners:
1st, "The Day Buddy Dog Dies," Jacob Coltrane Burris (UG)
2nd, "Clarity," Jenny Walicek (UG)

1st, "Soups De Mariage," Jerry Sexton (G)
2nd, "The Garden Mall," Stacey Knapp (UG)

Short Story (2,000 words or more)

2009 Winners Undergraduate:
1st "The Soothing Sound of a Television at Night," Laura Thomas
2nd "A Girl Like You," Michelle Fullner
2009 Winners Graduate:
1st "Come Goddess," Kellie Rice 
2008 Winners:

"Rising Over Pain," Angela Grace Mendoza
"The Walkers in Darkness," Kellie Rice

2007 Winners:
Miyelo,” Kelly Rice (UG)

1st “Lil Cookie Johnson,” Shaquana Mitchell (GR)
2nd “The Rental,” Matthew Widener (GR)
3rd (tie) “The Weight Distributor,” Alan Solis (GR)
3rd (tie) “Shooting Stars,” Sarah Seymour (GR)
Honorable Mention “Interior Scenes: During The Plague,” Jennifer De Guzman (GR)

2006 Winners:
1st, "Fountain," Jacob Coltrane Burris (G)
1st, "Black Gulch," Stacey Knapp (UG)

Familiar Essay/ Critical Essay

2009 Winners Familiar Essay:
1st "Marko," Nikolina Kulidzan
2nd "The Dry Season of the Khmer," Candice Wynne
Honorable Mention "My American Dream," Nikolina Kulidzan

2009 Winners Critical Essay
1st "What Should I Resent?: The Function of Dialogue in T.S. Eliot's Poetry," Erik Olson
2nd "The Character and Sequence of Contemporary American Narrative Poetry," Joshua Cembellin
Honorable Mention "T.S. Eliot's Heap of Broken Images and the Modern Pastiche," Jennifer Ghastin

2008 Winners:

1st "Epistemological Concerns and the Two Quartos of Hamlet," Erin Guldiken
2nd "Remedying Benjy's Alienation" Erin Guldiken

1st "Feminism in Mary Shelley's 1818 and 1831 Frankenstein," Sandeep Kaur Pabla
2nd "Up to the Sky," Evelyn A. 

2007 Winners:

1st “Crooked Teeth,” Micaela Youmans(UG)
2nd “Questions of Fulfillment,” Erin Guldiken (UG)
1st “An Empire of Words,” Jennifer De Guzman (GR)
2nd “Between North and South,” Jennifer De Guzman (GR)

2006 Winners Familiar Essay:
1st, "Another Girl Drowning," Jennifer de Guzman (G)
2nd, "Cathedral Peak," Daniel Arnold (G)

1st "Now and Then," Jenny Walicek (UG)
2nd, "Honestly," Micaela Youmans (UG)

2006 Winners Critical Essay
1st, "At the Rims of the . . . ," Stephanie Chan (G)
2nd, "From the Mouths of Kings," Rob Swart (G)

1st, "The Drag Queen in the . . . ," Jenny Walicek(UG)
2nd, "Elegiacal Infusions in . . . ," Ingrid Starink (UG)

Humor and Satire


2009 Winners:
1st "Snorton's Anthology of Literary Stuff," Victoria Machado
1st "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Cupcake," T.J. Flores

2007 Winners:

1st “The Playground Act,” Kelly Rice (UG)
2nd “The Tale of How Beowulf Procured Much Mead-stock,” Kelly Rice (UG)
Honorable Mention “How I Spent My Gothic Vacation,” Victoria Machado (UG)

1st “The Redemption of Jose Silverberg,” Peter O’Sullivan (GR)
2nd “Trading Places,” Linda Lappin (GR)
Honorable Mention “The Snakes,” Evelyn So (GR)

2006 Winner
"Am I a Courtly or a Carnal Lover," Richard Webb (UG)