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Summer 2008 Courses - Undergraduate

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English 71: Creative Writing
Examinations of works of poetry, creative nonfiction and short fiction as expression of human intellect and imagination, to comprehend the historic and cultural contexts, and recognize issues related to writing by men and women of diverse cultural traditions. Students will also write poetry, creative nonfiction, and a short fiction. GE: C2
Staff: MW 1-3:15pm

English 100W: Writing Workshop
English 100W is an integrated writing and literature course designed to provide English majors with a firm foundation for the professional study of literature. Over the course of the semester, students will engage in all phases of those reading, thinking, researching, and writing processes that produce clear and purposeful critical essays that demonstrate an understanding of and illuminate for others how literature contains and conveys its effects and meanings. Approximately one half of the semester will be spent on the study of poetry.
Dr. Sparks: MW 11:15-1:15pm

English 103: Modern English
The growth and structure of modern English, including its phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Attention to social and regional varieties, with implications for language development and literacy among native and non-native speakers.
Mr. Strachan: MW 1-4:45pm

English 112A: Children’s Literature
Study of literature for elementary and intermediate grades, representing a variety of cultures.
Ms. Hager: MW 9-12:45pm

English 144: Shakespeare I
Major plays such as Twelfth Night, Henry IV, Part I, and Hamlet .
Professor Wilson: MW 6-9:45pm

English 174: Literature, Self & Society
ENGL 174 fulfills SJSU Studies (Advanced GE) requirements in Area S and concentrates on the study of American literature, from colonial times to the present, that exemplifies the development of cultural definitions of the self and of the relationship between the self and society. Students will study interrelationships of the individual and race, ethnicity, and other social communities in order to understand and appreciate issues of diversity, equality, and structured equality in the United States, its institutions, and its cultures.
Professor Maio : TR 9-12:45pm

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