Composition courses

Composition Offerings

The following sections describe the courses in our composition program.

English 1A. Composition

English 1A is the first course in SJSU's two-semester lower-division composition sequence; it provides an introduction to baccalaureate-level composition, with attention to the “personal voice” and personal experience, on the one hand, and the more formal attitudes and demands of writing at the university (expository and argumentative essays), on the other. Students will develop college-level reading abilities, rhetorical sophistication, and writing styles that give form and coherence to complex ideas and feelings. Prerequisite: Placement by the English Proficiency Test (EPT), or passage of an approved substitute course for the EPT .
A-F grading

English 1B Composition

English 1B is the second course in SJSU's two-semester lower-division composition sequence. Beyond providing repeated practice in planning and executing essays, and broadening and deepening students' understanding of the genres, audiences, and purposes of college writing, English 1B differs from English 1A in its emphasis on persuasive and critical writing (with less attention paid to the personal essay), its requirement for fewer but longer essays, and its introduction to writing informed by research. Students will develop sophistication in writing analytical, argumentative, and critical essays; a mature writing style appropriate to university discourse; reading abilities that will provide an adequate foundation for upper-division work; proficiency in basic library research skills and in writing papers informed by research; and mastery of the mechanics of writing. Prerequisite: Passage of Written Communication 1A (C or better) or approved equivalent.
A-F grading

English 100W. Writing Workshop: English Studies

Advanced writing course required of all English majors before they achieve senior standing. Analysis of literature, methods of research, documentation style.
A-F grading

English 100WB. Advanced Writing Workshop: Business Majors

Prerequisite: Completion of core General Education, satisfaction of Writing Skills Text, and upper-division standing.
A-F grading

English 105. Seminar in Advanced Composition

A workshop course in academic writing for students who have completed the lower division-writing requirement. This class focuses on the use and analysis of writing tools and writing spaces, from the pencil to the pixel, from the page to the screen. Students will learn to write in electronic environments such as blogs, websites, and wikis (no prior electronic writing experience expected). The course emphasizes revision, collaboration, and analysis. Daily and weekly writing assignments leading to an electronic portfolio of completed academic compositions, at least one of which students will publish on the web.
Prerequisite: 6 units of lower division composition instruction and completion of the Written Communication II requirement (100W).
Repeatable once for credit with different instructor and department chair consent.