SJSU English Department Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to our  Fall 2014 Scholarship Recipients



The Josephine Chandler Scholarship:
Christopher Krohn, Graduate
Annie Blaylock, Undergraduate

The Lois King Thore Short Story Scholarship:
Graduate 1st Place:                 Jacqueline Gross
Graduate 2nd Place:                Andrew Tucker
Undergraduate:1st Place:         Lauren Kilborn
Undergraduate:2nd Place:        Fatema Elbakoury                                                                                  

The James O. Wood Shakespeare Award:
Kym Cunningham



The Harvey Birenbaum Scholarship Prize for Excellence in the Graduate Study of Literature:
Ilyssa Russ

The Owen Broyles Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement by a Graduate Student:
Shane Diven

The W. O. Crocket Scholarship for Demonstration of a Commitment to African-American Culture and Literature:
Tracy Israde Torres

The Jack and Maxine Fink Scholarship for a Deserving Graduate and/or Undergraduate Student in English:
Katrina Papacosta

The Roberta Holloway Scholarship for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement as an Undergraduate:
Alyssa Coulter

The Ida Fay Sachs Ludwig Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in the Graduate Study of Creative Writing:
Priya Banwait

The Ruth MacLean McGee Scholarship Award for Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction:
Christopher Krohn, Graduate
Kendrick Ellis, Undergraduate

The Dorrit Sibley Scholarship Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing and Studying Poetry:
Priya Banwait, Graduate
Chelsea Eckert, Undergraduate

The Catherine Urban Scholarships for Students Showing Academic Promise in Writing:
Alyssa Coulter
Kendrick Ellis
Phuong Mai Hoang

The Dorothy Wright Children's Literature Award for Outstanding Work in Children's Literature:
Kara Gennis