Contact Advisors

To schedule an advising appointment:

Students must fill out the appropriate major worksheets before meeting with their advisor:

Balance Chow      Major Advisor
       Linda Mitchell
       Faculty Offices 117
Mary Warner      Director of the English Credential Program 
       Dr. Mary Warner 
       Faculty Offices 127 
       (408) 924-4417
Jennifer K. Johnson

     Assistant Professor, English Education 
Dr. Jennifer K. Johnson 
       Faculty Offices 125 
       (408) 924-4473

     English Education majors – to make an
     advising appointment, go to:
Mark Thompson       Professional and Technical Writing Advisor
Mark Thompson 
       Faculty Offices 110 
       (408) 924-4433
Noelle Brada-Williams      Graduate Program Coordinator 
       A. Noelle Brada-Williams 
       Faculty Offices 102 
       (408) 924-4439
Alan Soldofsky      Creative Writing & Grad. MFA Director 
       Alan Soldofsky 
       Faculty Offices 106 
       (408) 924-4439
Faculty Office Building      Student Contacts

We have over 300 majors in our Department. If you're interested in speaking to some of them, contact the department office at (408) 924-4425.