Contact Advisors

To schedule an advising appointment, call 408-924-4425


Balance Chow

     Major Advisor
Dr. Balance Chow
       Faculty Offices 224

Susan Shillinglaw      Major Advisor
       Dr. Susan Shillinglaw
       Faculty Offices 118 
Persis Karim

     Major Advisor
       Dr. Nancy Stork
       Faculty Offices 218 

Mary Warner      Director of the English Credential Program 
       Dr. Mary Warner 
       Faculty Offices 127 
       (408) 924-4417
Jonathan Lovell      Associate Director of the English Credential Program 
       Dr. Jonathan Lovell 
       Faculty Offices 127
       (408) 924-4437
Noelle Brada-Williams      Graduate Program Coordinator 
       A. Noelle Brada-Williams 
       Faculty Offices 110 
       (408) 924-4439
Alan Soldofsky      Undergrad. Creative Writing & Grad. MFA Director 
       Alan Soldofsky 
       Faculty Offices 106 
       (408) 924-4439
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We have over 300 majors in our Department. If you're interested in speaking to some of them, contact the department office at (408) 924-4425.