Awards and Scholarships

All of the awards below are open to graduate and undergraduate students. More information about scholarships through SJSU is available through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.



Students: Deadline for submissions - Wednesday March 19, 2014, Noon. 

Ceremony: Thursday, May 1, 2014, 5:00 PM.

(submissions not following these guidelines will not be considered)

--see the Scholarship and Awards Information Board in the English Department Building (FOB) for additional information.

--each submission must include a cover sheet with your name, student ID, your status as
undergraduate or graduate student, the title of the award you are applying for, and your
email address.

--include the last 4 digits of your student ID# in the upper right hand corner of each page
of your submission.

-- do not put your name on any page of your submission except the cover sheet.

--submit all entries by email as a word doc or pdf to: If access to email is unavailable, hand deliver to the English Department office FOB 102. All hard copies will be scanned to a PDF version; originals will be not be returned.

--award amounts are approximate until endowment distributions are finalized in early April.



 The Josephine Chandler Scholarship: Awarded by the College of Humanities and the Arts to a student who demonstrates clear academic excellence and a commitment to the study of the Humanities. Submit a one-page statement discussing the importance of the humanities to contemporary culture. All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and be majoring in one of the following: English, Foreign languages; Humanities, Philosophy, Linguistics and Language Development

 Bonita M. Cox Award for Classical and Medieval Studies: Scholarship awarded to the SJSU English Major writing the best essay on classical or medieval roots of modern thought. Eligible students: Junior, Senior and Graduate students taking 6 units or more.  All essays must be double-spaced, and follow the format of the MLA Style Sheet.  All essays should be 12-25 pages in length.  ($250)

 Bonita M. Cox Award for Studies in Medieval Literature: Scholarship awarded to the SJSU English Major writing the best essay on a literary work or theme. Eligible students: Junior, Senior and Graduate students taking 6 units or more.  All essays must be double-spaced, and follow the format of the MLA Style Sheet.  All essays should be 12-25 pages in length ($250)

 Kichung Kim Scholarship: Scholarship to an English Major.  Submit an essay based on American/Ethnic American Literature.  Eligible students will be enrolled full time , have a minimum 2.5 GPA and demonstrate financial need.  Include a statement of eligibility with your essay. ($750)

 The Lois King Thore Short Story Scholarship : Scholarship to an English Major who shows promise in short story writing. Include a statement of eligibility and representative short story.($1200)

 The James O. Wood Shakespeare Award: Scholarship to the best essay, reading, scene representation, musical presentation, costume, painting, sculpture, or other appropriate project related to any of Shakespeare’s dramatic works. Submissions must include a one-page statement about the project. ($1000; may be divided among multiple awardees.)

 The Academy of American Poets/Virginia de Araujo PrizeMonetary awards for best poems submitted. Open to any undergraduate or graduate student taking at least 6 units. This prize is judged by a distinguished poet not affiliated with SJSU. A maximum of three poems may be submitted; no longer than 150 lines each. ($100)

 The Marjorie McLaughlin Folendorf Award for Creative WritingScholarship awarded a SJSU student for outstanding achievement in creative writing. Applicants must have completed at least 24 units at SJSU. Please submit a brief statement of eligibility and your creative work. ($500)

 James Phelan Literary Awards: Open to undergraduates and graduates students; submission to multiple categories accepted

a. metrical verse (30 lines and under)
b  metrical verse (over 30 lines)
c. free verse (30 lines and under)
d. free verse (over 30 lines)
e. short story (2000 words and under)
f.  short story (over 2000 words)
g. familiar essay
h. critical essay
i.  humorous and/or satirical essay.




Faculty will consider some of their best students from this academic year for the following awards. Award values are estimates only and will be determined after endowment distributions are finalized; amounts may be distributed to more than one awardee.


Harvey Birenbaum Prize: for excellence in the graduate study of literature ($300) 


Owen BroylesScholarship: for outstanding achievement by a graduate student ($500)


The Courtney E. Cox Chaucer Prize: for outstanding scholastic achievement in Chaucer or Middle English. Open to undergraduate and graduate students ($250)


The W.O. Crockett Scholarship: to graduate or undergraduate student(s) demonstrating commitment to African-American culture and literature ($1500)


The Jack and Maxine FinkScholarship: to a deserving graduate or undergraduate English major ($1000)                                                                                


The Roberta Holloway Award: to an undergraduate English major demonstrating outstanding scholastic achievement ($1000)


Anne Lillis Scholarship: to an outstanding creative writer ($250)


The Ruth MacLean McGee to a graduate or undergraduate student for outstanding achievement in non-fiction ($2000)


Shirley Nelson Iverson Scholarship: to a freshman English major with intentions of becoming a high school teacher ($300)


Ida Fay Sachs Ludwig Memorial Scholarship: to a graduate MFA student for excellence in poetry or prose with demonstrated financial need ($2000)


Dorrit Sibley Award: to a graduate or undergraduate student for excellence in poetry ($2000)                                                                                                                         

The Catherine Urban Scholarship/s: to junior and seniorEnglish majors displaying academic promise in writing.  Must be at least half-time students with a GPA of 3.0 or above (total of $2000 split between 4 or 5 recipients)


The Dorothy Wright Children’s Literature Award: Outstanding work in children’s literature by an undergraduate English major ($2000)


The Rico Ressman Scholarship: to an MFA student enrolled full time ($1000)