Department of English & Comparative Literature
Spring 2009 Awards Ceremony

Phelan Short Story Under 2,000 Words

1st: Laura Thomas, "An Accumulation."
2nd: Aaron Edwin Fellman, "The Gang's All Here."
3rd: Patricia Kelley, "Oh! The Things Tawny Can Do!"

1st: Teri Carter, "Chicken."
2nd: Nikolina Kulidzan, "Parcel."
3rd: Ruth Rabin, "A Grandmother's Treasure."

Phelan Humor and Satire Undergraduate

1st: Victoria Machado, "Snorton's Anthology of Literary Stuff."
1st: T.J. Flores, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Cupcake."

Phelan Familiar Essay

1st: Nikolina Kulidzan, "Marko."
2nd: Candice Wynne, "The Dry Season of the Khmer."
Honerable Mention: Nikolina Kulidzan, "My American Dream."

Phelan Critical Essay

1st: Erik Olson, "What Should I resent?" The Function of Dialogue in T.S. Eliot's Poetry."
2nd: Joshua Cembellin, "The Character and Sequence of Contemporary American Narrative Poetry."
Honerable Mention: Jennifer Ghastin, "T.S. Eliot's Heap of Broken Images and the Modern Pastiche."

Virginia de Aruajo, Academy of American Poets

Mark Heinlen, "Things Themselves of Wonder."
Honerable Mention: David Kern, "Corrison."

Lois King Thore Short Story Award

Vincent Bergado

Marjorie McLaughlin Folendorf Award for Creative Writing

John Newman

Dorritt Sibley Poetry Award

Sasha Wallace

Frank Penones, Jr.

Dorothy Wright Award for Excellence in Children's Literature

Nigel Funge

Robert Woodward Award for Excellence in American Literature

Kelly Ricker, "Constant Change: The Oral Tradition of Transformation in Zitkala-Sa's Fiction."

Catherine Urban Award for Academic Promise in Writing

Levi Lam

Roberta Holloway Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement

Marina Scobie

Outstanding Teaching Associate

Mary Williams

Phelan Metrical Verse Over 30 Lines

1st: Laura Thomas, "Survey of Avian History, Ancient Through Early Renaissance."
2nd: Michael Widman, "The Nondescript."
3rd: Carl Evans, "From the Journal of Adeline Phelps, November 4th, 1926."

1st: Nicholas "Max" Goodwin, "Echidna and Edelweiss."
2nd: Josh Cembellin, "Stray Cat."

Phelan Metrical Verse Under 30 Lines Undergraduate

1st: Faith Chilhil, "Dinner Reservations."
2nd: Sandra Santos, "My Life Line Bled."
3rd: Michelle Fullner, "On Explicating Poetry."

1st: Gwen-Florelei, "Sonnet of the Poet's Pen."
2nd: Nicholas "Max" Goodwin, "Stillborn."
3rd: Josh Cembellin, "On Having Fires."

Phelan Free Verse Over 30 Lines
1st: Adriana Handano, "In Remembrance."
2nd: T. J. Flores, "For Espera DeCorti and the Injue Who Mistook Me for an Indian."

1st: Mark Heinlen, "I Don't Know What to Do."
2nd: Samantha Le, "Catching Crawdads."
Honerable Mention: David Kern, "St. Paul's."

Phelan Free Verse Under 30 Lines

1st: Laura Thomas, "Like the Back of My Hand."
2nd: T.J. Flores, " A CaballoVamo' Pa'l Monte (for Ibrahim Ferrer)."
Honerable Mention: T.J. Flores, "$20 Hands Drawing Hands T-Shirt."

1st: David Kern, "Tracking Gala Apples."
2nd: Evelyn So, "The Cliff House."
Honerable Mention, Darrell De la Cruz, "Lemon."

Phelan Short Story Over 2,000 Words

1st: Laura Thomas, "The Soothing Sound of a Television at Night."
2nd: Michelle Fullner, "A Girl Like You."

1st: Kellie Rice, "Come Goddess."

Department of English and Comparative Literature Spring 2009 Awards Ceremony

Bonita M. Cox Award for Classical and Medieval Studies
Ivy Cook, "Love: Toxic to Mind and Body."

Bonita M. Cox Award for Studies in Medieval Literature
Kelly Ricker, "Fortune's Hand in Fate."

Bonita M. Cox Award for Creative Non-Fiction
Mark Heinlen, "Ablution."

James O. Wood Shakespeare Award
Eleanor Lovinfosse, "Four Centuries Apart: From England to Iran, Two Inspirational Poets."

Mara Steffey Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies
Maria Judnick

Harvey Birenbaum Award for Outstanding Creative Work in Graduate Studies
Heather Stanger

Shirley Nelson Iverson Award for a Freshman English Major Who Wishes to Become a Teacher
Priya Banwait