Department Administration

Department &
University Administrative Appointments


Chair of the Department:
Shannon Miller

Associate Chair:
Noelle Brada-Williams

Undergraduate Advisor:
Nancy Stork

Career and Professional Writing Coordinator:
Mark Thompson

Center for Literary Arts Director:
Andrew Altschul

Creative Writing Director:
Alan Soldofsky

Curriculum Coordinator:
Revathi Krishnaswamy

English Education Director:
Mary Warner


Honors Program Advisor:
Bonnie Cox

MA Advisor & Coordinator:
Noelle Brada-Williams

MFA Advisor & Coordinator
Alan Soldofsky

M.H. Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies
Nick Taylor

Poets & Writers Coalition Faculty Advisor:
Alan Soldofsky

Reed Magazine
Cathleen Miller

Stretch Pilot Coordinator:
Cindy Baer

Steinbeck Fellows
Nick Taylor

Teaching Associates
Richard McNabb


Writing Across the Curriculum Director:
Tom Moriarty

Writing Programs Administrator:
Richard McNabb

Writing Center Director:
Michelle Hager

Writing Skills Test Coordinator:
Gloria Collins

The English department is governed by a Chair assisted by a number of standing committees and department officers. The department's governance is structured by a Policy Manual. Some committees seat both undergraduate and graduate-student representatives who are nominated by faculty. The Department also houses a number of projects or centers with their own directors.


Elected Departmental & College Committees

Adrienne Eastwood, Andrew Fleck, Jonathan Lovell, Linda Mitchell, Mary Warner, Shannon Miller

Retention, Tenure & Promotion:
Balance Chow (Chair), John Engell, Revathi Krishnaswamy, Richard McNabb, Shannon Miller, Tom Moriarty, Alan Soldofsky

Noelle Brada, Adrienne Eastwood, Cathy Miller, Linda Mitchell, Nancy Stork, Ed Sams

College Professional Leave:
Andrew Fleck

College Research:
Revathi Krishnaswamy

College Retention, Tenure & Promotion:
Samuel Maio

College Sabbatical:
Andrew Altschul

Appointed Departmental Committees

Richard McNabb (Chair), Cindy Baer, Gloria Collins, Ellen James-Penney, Tom Moriarty, Julie Sparks, Mark Thompson

Creative Writing:
Alan Soldofsky (Chair), Andrew Altschul, John Engell, Sam Maio, Cathy Miller, Nick Taylor


Revathi Krishaswamy (Chair), Noelle Brada-Williams, Balance Chow, Bonnie Cox, Andy Fleck, Kathy Harris, Richard McNabb, Shannon Miller, Tom Moriarty, Mark Thompson, Mary Warner

Graduate Committee:
Noelle Brada-Williams (Chair), Adrienne Eastwood, Andy Fleck, Revathy Krishaswamy, Sam Maio, Cathy Miller, Alan Soldofsky, Nick Taylor

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