Department Administration

Department & 
University Administrative Appointments


Chair of the Department
Shannon Miller

Associate Chair:
Noelle Brada-Williams

Undergraduate Advisor
Linda Mitchell

Career and Professional Writing Coordinator
Mark Thompson

Center for Literary Arts Director
Cathleen Miller

Creative Writing Director
Alan Soldofsky

Curriculum Coordinator
Revathi Krishnaswamy

English Education Director
Mary Warner 

Honors Program Advisor
Adrienne Eastwood

MA Advisor & Coordinator
Noelle Brada-Williams

MFA Advisor & Coordinator
Alan Soldofsky

M.H. Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies 

Nick Taylor

Poets & Writers Coalition Faculty Advisor
Alan Soldofsky

Reed Magazine 

Cathleen Miller

Stretch English Coordinator
Cindy Baer

Steinbeck Fellows 

Nick Taylor

Teaching Associates 

Richard McNabb

Writing Across the Curriculum Director
Tom Moriarty

Writing Programs Administrator
Richard McNabb

Writing Center Director
Michelle Hager