You can now complete your INSTRUCTOR FORM in 5 simple STEPS.

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STEP 1: 

Before you prepare your syllabus at the beginning of the semester, consult your course GE ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE to determine which SLOs are scheduled to be assessed. (Your plan may include information on how the SLO may be achieved and assessed).



In your syllabus, connect the SLOs being assessed to a specific and appropriate assignment.  Remember that a single assignment may be used to assess more than one SLO.



Prepare a clear and detailed scoring guide/rubric for the assignment.  Break down each SLO into 2-3 specific components and incorporate them into your guide/rubric.  The scores on these specific components alone (not the overall grade on the assignment) constitute your quantitative data for that particular SLO. 


STEP 4:  

When you have finished grading the assignment, fill out the INSTRUCTOR FORM (Word). 


STEP 5: 

Send the completed INSTRUCTOR FORM to your course Coordinator.  Be sure to attach all relevant guidelines and rubrics.




1.    100W SLOs

2.    Sample Assignment linked to SLOs

3.    Sample Scoring guide/Rubric

4.    Sample Instructor Form (filled out)