Table of Reflection Deadlines to Clear Your Prerequisite to English 1A and 1AF

Do It Today!

The sooner you finish, the sooner you register.

Processing your prerequisite requires you to work with our team to meet the scheduled reporting targets.

  1. Saturday: Meet the Saturday deadline for completing the work.
  2. Monday: Check back to make sure you scored all the points.
  3. Between Saturday and Monday: Check your grade report and your Canvas messages frequently to fix any errors that facilitators have noted in your submission.

Then,we can report your prerequisites as clear for you to register for your first-year writing class.


Table of Processing Deadlines for Winter 2019

Reflection on College Writing

Complete all five Reflection on College Writing modules by... We verify your completion by 8AM on... We report your prerequisite as satisfied by 5PM on...
You can register for your writing class on...
Sat., Nov 16
Mon., Nov 18
Mon., Nov 18
Tues., Nov 19
Sat., Nov 23
Mon., Nov 25
Mon., Nov 25
Tues., Nov 26
Sat., Nov 30
Mon., Dec 2 Mon., Dec 2 Tues., Dec 3
Sat., Dec 7 Mon., Dec 9  Mon., Dec 9 Tues., Dec 10
Sat., Dec 14
Mon., Dec 16
Mon., Dec 16 Tues., Dec 17
Sat., Dec 21
Mon., Dec 23
Mon., Dec 23 Tues., Dec 24
Sat., Jan 4
Mon., Jan 6 Mon., Jan 6 Tues., Jan 7
Sat., Jan 11
Mon., Jan 13 Mon., Jan 13 Tues., Jan 14
Sat., Jan 18
Mon., Jan 20
Mon., Jan 20 Tues., Jan 21
Sat., Jan 25
Mon., Jan 27
Mon., Jan 27 Tues., Jan 28
Sat., Feb 1 Mon., Feb 3 Mon., Feb 3 Tues., Feb 4

 Advanced Registration ends January 20th.













Remember: You must complete RCW before you can register for your first-year composition course. If you are entering SJSU with college-level writing credit, you will need to have it finished no later than the start of the fall semester.