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Graduate Admission for M.A.

All applications are only accepted online. In order to apply go to: See the MFA Program website for details about requirements, application deadlines and more.

Upcoming Deadlines

Spring 2010 MA Admission: Due to the current California state budget crisis  we are not allowed to accept applicants for the Spring semester.
Fall 2010 MA Admission: February 1, 2010

Those wishing to apply for a 2010-2011 Graduate Assistantship need to submit an additional application by April 1 2010, including having letters of recommendation sent directly  to the Graduate Coordinator: Noelle Brada-Williams  Mailing Address: San Jose State University, One Washington Square Hall, San Jose CA 95192-0090

Requirements for Admission to Classified Standing

To be admitted to Classified Standing in the M.A. program, you must have

If you have completed fewer units, you may be admitted to Conditional Standing (see below), but you will need to complete the required number of units and achieve the required grade point average before you can take graduate-level classes or begin work toward the 30-unit M.A. program. When you are ready to be advanced to Classified Standing you must meet with the M.A. Advisor to have the change made official.

Requirements for Admission to Conditionally Classified Standing

Students who do not qualify for Classified standing but who meet University requirements for graduate admission and whose past performance gives promise of satisfactory completion of requirements for admission to Classified standing may, with the approval of the departmental graduate committee, be admitted as Conditionally Classified in the M.A. English program.

Requirements for Admission to Candidacy for the M.A. in English

Admission to candidacy for the Master's degree in English requires favorable action by the departmental graduate committee and by the University Graduate Committee. Applicants will observe the stipulations relative to such items as transfer credit, time limit, completion of the Graduate English Writing Requirement and scholarship stated in the San Jose State University Catalog. They should particularly note that fitness for advanced study and professional training, not merely high grades or the satisfaction of formal requirements, is the prime requisite for graduate work.