M.A. Comprehensive Exams - Sample Questions

Questions on the first part of the exam cover the reading list to the end of the Eighteenth Century and those on the second part cover later material (see reading list online). Questions on the history of English may appear in the first part; questions on rhetoric may appear in the second part; and questions on literary theory and questions requiring close analysis of verse or prose passages may appear in both parts. Each exam takes three hours. Students may take one or both parts of the exam in any term and in any order. To prepare for this exam, maintain the Worksheet available here


Sample Exams

MA Exam Part 1 Spring 2014 (word)

MA Exam Part 2 Spring 2014 (word)



If you have any questions, see Noelle Brada-Williams in FO 102 or email her at noelle.brada-williams@sjsu.edu.