M.A. Requirements

All candidates for the Master of Arts degree in English, which is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate major in English or its equivalent, are required to:

  • Complete an approved 30-unit program with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. At least 21 of these units must be graduate level (i.e.,200-numbered) courses. Any undergraduate course work to be applied to the M.A. program must be approved in advance by the graduate advisor.
  • Demonstrate competency in written English by passing English 201 (Materials and Methods of Literary Research).
  • Demonstrate reading proficiency in a second language by passing the departmental language examination. (This requirement is waived for students who have, within five years of achieving candidacy, earned a grade of at least "B" in the fourth semester of an acceptable foreign language course. It is also waived for students whose first language is not English.)
  • Pass the M.A. comprehensive examinations.
  • An M.A. Thesis is not requred. You may take your entire 30 units in course work (Plan B). Or you may, if you have a strong record and submit a strong proposal, be permitted to write a six-unit thesis as part of your 30-unit program (Plan A).