Important Dates for MFA Students

Fall 2013 Semester

Sept. 9:     Deadline for 2013 graduates to submit MFA Thesis to Thesis Director

Sept. 13:     Deadline for December 2013 graduates to file or reactivate application for graduation with Grad Studies.

Sept. 20:     MFA Comprehensive Exam distributed (9 AM).

Sept. 23:     MFA Comprehensive Exam due (5 PM).

Sept. 30:     Alan Soldofsky and Nick Taylor, reading and book party (7 PM) MLK Library 225-229.

Oct. 1:     Deadline for May 2014 graduates to file Department Request for Candidacy form with GAPE.

Oct. 19:     MFA Faculty reading at LitQuake in San Francisco

Oct. 24:     Deadline to submit thesis proposals for Spring 2014 299 credits to Grad Committee.

Oct. 31:     Deadline for submitting thesis for review by GS&R.

Nov. 1:     Deadline to submit thesis or project proposals (for Spring 2014 299 units) to the English Department Graduate Committee.

Dec. 17:    Deadline for signing up to take the Spring 2014 MFA Comprehensive Exam. Recommended for May, August, and December 2014 MFA graduates.


Spring 2014 Semester

Jan. 20:     Deadline for December 2013 graduates to submit thesis for publication

Feb.7: Deadline for December 2014 graduates to file their “Department Request for Candidacy” forms (MFA Advisor’s signature).

Feb. 14:    Deadline for May 2014 graduates to submit application for award of Master’s Degree to the Graduate Studies Office.

Feb. 21:    MFA Comprehensive Exam Distributed (9:00 A.M.)

Feb. 24: MFA Comprehensive Exam Due (5:00 P.M)

Mar.21:   Last day that campus is open before TA and GA applications and thesis proposals for Fall 2014 299 credit are due. Be sure to keep this date in mind as you ask for letters of recommendation and/or advice on your thesis proposal.

April 1:     Applications for 2014-2015 TA and GAships due to the Graduate Coordinator. GA & TA interviews are planned for the first two weeks of April.

April 1:     Deadline for thesis proposals to be submitted to the graduate committee to sign up for Fall 2014 299 units.

April 4:     Deadline for May 2014 graduates to submit signed theses to the Graduate Studies Office.

May 10:     MFA Graduation Reading, 2:30 - 4:30pm in the MLK Library

June 7:      Last date for August 2013 graduates to reactivate or file application for graduation.

June 13:    Last day for May 2014 graduates to submit approved MFA theses for electronic publication

July 1:       Deadline for August 2014 graduates to submit approved theses to Graduate Studies.