Major with Concentration in Creative Writing

Below are the requirements for the concentration in Creative Writing. 

To see descriptions of courses, check the general course descriptions. Faculty usually provide a more extensive description of the courses when they are offered.

Check with the Creative Writing Program Coordinator at least once each semester to track your progress.


Requirements and Forms

For a current list of department forms, please go to Advising Forms

For students matriculating PRIOR to Fall 2017:

For students matriculating AFTER Fall 2017:



For non-major advising (less than 60 units earned):

  • general education advising 
  • course schedule planning
  • resources for academic success
  • pre-graduation general education reviews

Contact the College of Humanities and the Arts (H&A) Student Success Center in Clark Hall 244, or call (408) 924-5095 for an appointment. 

For major advising (60+ units earned): 

  • assistance with major form
  • application for graduation
  • assistance with substitution forms
  • graduation worksheet and hold letter reviews

Contact the English Department Office (Faculty Offices 102) at (408) 924-4425 to make an advising appointment.


Explanations and Limitations

One course equals 3 or 4 units. English majors who complete the Humanities Honors Program will be credited for ENGL 125 (European Literature: Homer to Dante).