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Winter 2016
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I am currently the President of Writrac Consulting, where I specialize in issues involving the interaction of air quality, water quality, land use, and transportation.  In addition, I also serve as the Chair of the Air and Waste Management Association's Transportation and Land Use and Public Participation Committees.  I recently left my position as Director of Sustainability for Southwestern Illinois College to move in support of my wife's career.  We just relocated to the Bethlehem, PA area and are in the process of settling into our new home.

Among other things, I have:

Taught numerous college courses in Environmental Science, currently I am teaching Environmental Courses at San José State University and I have taught classes at a number of community colleges and at the University of California, Irvine;

Worked as the Program Coordinator for the North Central Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE) program, which is located at the Environmental Training Center at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA;

Served as a senior scientist with the Midwest Research Institute, where I specialized in the areas of air quality, land use, and transportation;

Served as the Air Pollution Control Officer for Placer County where I was responsible for administering and enforcing state and federal Clean Air Act rules and programs;

Worked for the enforcement division of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the government agency responsible for improving air quality in Southern California;

Served as a consultant to the Rand Corporation, the New Jersey Department of Energy, the City of Irvine, and the California State Solid Waste Management Board; and

A B.A. degree in Human Ecology, an M.A. degree in Environmental Science, extensive additional graduate work in Environmental Policy, and have been certified as a QEP (Qualified Environmental Professional) by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice;

In my 'spare' time I enjoy playing tennis, listening to music, and playing my extensive collection of hand percussion drums... if you listen carefully you can hear me banging away to the new Santana album!