Alexander Gershenson

Alexander Gershenson





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Spring 2017
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Assistant Professor 

Ph.D., Environmental Studies, University of California,
Santa Cruz


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Prior to coming to San José State University, I was at the University of California, Santa Cruz, working on my Ph.D. that focused on fine root dynamics in the forests of the Sierra Nevada, as well as soil organic matter dynamics and sensitivity of soil organic matter to substrate and temperature.  I also examined the disconnect between policy and science in the arena of carbon sequestration.  Before coming to UCSC, I completed my undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, with a major in Natural Resource.


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My current research focuses on the effects of different management on carbon dynamics and energy use in organic agriculture, as part of a multi-disciplinary multi-institutional USDA funded research project.  I am also very interested in the development of climate change and carbon policy in the United States, as well as understanding the drivers of corporate sustainability.