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“I have received tremendous support and encouragement from the faculty and staff in the EnvS department throughout the course of my graduate studies at SJSU.  Once admitted into the graduate program, you become more than an individual student, you are part of the EnvS team.”

— Lauren Hanneman, MS Candidate (2012)

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Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator

For more information about the MS degree in Environmental Studies, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at

The program is academically rigorous and demanding; it requires dedication, focus, and an abiding passion for the environment. Only students interested in working on issues supported by faculty expertise and interest are admitted to the program. Applicants should review the research focus areas for the Environmental Studies Graduate Faculty Advisors prior to applying.


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Contact Graduate Coordinator

For more information about the MS degree in Environmental Studies, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at

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Contact Potential Thesis Advisors

Click on the professor's name to view bio with research interests and other information.

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Apply Online (CSU Mentor)

Applications are submitted electronically using CSU Mentor through Graduate Admissions and Program Assessment (GAPE). Prospective students should check with GAPE for University domestic and international applications and deadlines. Be sure to follow directions carefully, as incomplete applications are not forwarded to the Department.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Environmental Studies Department does not guarantee funding to any of its graduate students. Rather, students are encouraged to apply for all college level and departmental research grants, and to work with their Thesis Advisor to develop outside funding opportunities. In addition, each year the College of Social Sciences and the Environmental Studies Department advertise a few small grants; graduate students are encouraged to apply. Many students also seek financial assistance through the Financial Aid Office. The Environmental Studies Department strongly encourages students to apply for scholarship and fellowship funding at the same time that they are applying to the graduate program at SJSU.

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Hard Copies to be Mailed to the Environmental Studies Department

In addition to the electronic University application, applicants must submit the following three items in hard copy to the Environmental Studies Department at the address below:

  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a university faculty member).
  • A 2-3 page Statement of Purpose that briefly describes the student’s relevant background, goals, and objectives for seeking the M.S. in Environmental Studies at SJSU. The SOP should indicate the proposed area of focus for thesis work and specific faculty members that the student might wish to work with.
  • Unofficial Transcripts (send official transcripts to GAPE and send copies or unofficial transcripts to the Environmental Studies Department)

Mail hard copies of the above documents to:

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Environmental Studies
San José State University
Washington Square Hall 118
San José, CA 95192-0115

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