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“…this program is exactly what I want to do, and such dynamic and committed professors and advisors keep me motivated.”

— Marion Blair, Graduate Student

Department of Environmental Studies
News and Events

  • Course information regarding ENVS 194 for the Fall 2014 semester may be downloaded here (PDF).

  • A San Jose Mercury News article entitled Alviso: 'Charismatic' burrowing owl protected by special habitat features alumni Josh McCluskey and Phil Higgins, as well as Professor and Acting Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences Dr. Lynne Trulio.

  • Dr. Jeanine Pfeiffer co-authored an article entitled Interactive Learning about Biocultural Diversity: University Students Engage Tribes published in the international journal Langscape, Volume 3, Issue 1.

  • Congratulations to Environmental Studies' Center for Development of Recycling, for winning the Outstanding Waste Prevention Award, and MS alumna Michelle Young with the City of San Jose, for winning the Dave Hardy Leadership in Organics Award at the CRRA’s 38th Annual Conference and Tradeshow in San Jose on August 5, 2014.  Many Environmental Studies/CDR graduates were in attendance, displaying great achievements as session speakers and organizers at the four-day event.



Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 University Academic Calendar


Welcome to the Department of Environmental Studies

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Studies at San Jose State University!  We were established in 1970 as one of the first environmental programs in the U.S.  Our mission is to provide a rigorous education that produces environmental thinkers to help solve the sustainability issues of our day.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent advising to our majors.  And, we provide a learning environment that emphasizes community, creative problem-solving, and diversity.  Find out more about our department on this website.

Today, the societal need for environmental experts is great, as shown by rapid growth in sustainability jobs.  We are committed to helping our students make the transition from university student to environmental professional by connecting them with internships and jobs.  Many department activities help graduates find jobs in the green economy.

We look forward to seeing you in our general education classes, and we hope to welcome you as a major to our vibrant and growing department.

Working together to sustain our planet,
Lynne Trulio, Chair