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Spring 2017
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Miranda Melen is an Ecologist in the Habitats Program at the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory where she is restoring and managing rare and valuable habitats that are home to sensitive and endangered species of plants and vertebrates of the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has an M.S. in Environmental Studies and a B.S. in Environmental Science.  Her Master's research focused on understanding the reproductive success of Eryismum teretifolium (Ben Lomond wallflower), an endangered biennial endemic to the Zayante Sandhills in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA.  Her thesis assessed the genetic makeup of four distinct E. teretifolium populations, the importance of insect pollinators for reproductive success, and the geographic barriers to reproductive success.  Miranda has a background in endangered plants, urban runoff, recycling, and environmental education.  She has traveled to Costa Rica for primate research and rainforest restoration, and kayaked around two desert islands off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.  Miranda enjoys the outdoors and is passionate about hiking, camping, kayaking, and insects.


Courses Taught

  • ENVS 187: Environmental Restoration
  • ENVS 191: Advanced Environmental Restoration
  • ENVS 291: Advanced Topics in Environmental Restoration