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“I would like to work in wildlife conservation and management because I believe maintainance of wild places and the species that need them is our responsibility.”

— Jena Casey, Environmental Studies Student

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How to Apply

To apply to the undergraduate program in Environmental Studies, please see application materials and deadlines at the CSUMentor website.

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BS Degree

The BS degree is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in air resources management, aquatic environments, conventional and sustainable agriculture, energy resources, environmental health and safety, environmental impact assessment, environmental restoration, coastal resource management, and hazardous wastes.

Besides the general BS degree, students also have the possibility of selecting specialized concentrations: energy, environmental impact assessment, or restoration and resource management. For more information consult a faculty advisor or find more information on degree requirements in the SJSU online catalog:


BA Degree

The BA degree is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in wilderness resource management, environmental communications, environmental product design and packaging, integrated and solid waste management, environmental regulation and policy, human ecology, and environmental planning. For more information on requirements for completion of the degree, see the SJSU online catalog:


BA Degree, Preparation for Teaching

Course work for the BA in Environmental Studies, Preparation for Teaching is designed to meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) requirements for diversified subject matter preparation. Graduates of the program will be qualified for employment as elementary or middle school teachers. For more information on the requirements for the completion of the degree, see the SJSU online catalog:

Note: Because this degree program differs from the standard Environmental Studies BA, students interested should consult with the BA, Preparation for Teaching degree coordinator Will Russell for more information.


Environmental Studies Minors


Academic Planning

Please refer to the relevant undergraduate advising sheets for graduation planning:

All Degrees: Information for Graduating Seniors.