First Contact



Friday, 5/6/2016
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Saturday, 6/4/2016
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You must attend your appropriate class level. For example, if you are a transfer, you may only attend the Transfer session of First Contact.

Welcome New EOP Students!  

Congratulations!  EOP is committed to providing you with support services to help you achieve your personal and academic goals in preparation for success beyond the undergraduate degree.  All new EOP students are required to attend the EOP First Contact Program.  


In order to remain in EOP, you must complete the following by May 1, 2016:

1. EOP First Contact (FC)
Attend FC or successfully appeal your non attendance by deadline

2. EOP Student Agreement
Please review and print a copy for your records of the EOP Student Agreement and CSU Image Release.  After you have reviewed both documents, please submit your electronic signature here.


View the EOP Student Agreement [PDF]

View the CSU Visual/Audio Image Release [PDF]

You do not need to submit any paper documents of the agreement or release to EOP!


EOP Status Appeal

If you are unable to attend EOP First Contact for extenuating reasons (for example; class, work, health, financial hardship, HS graduation), please review the EOP Status Appeal [PDF] and file your appeal by May 1, 2016.