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EOP is designed for undergraduate students that are considered California residents or AB540 students with a history of low-income (as determined by the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application) and from an educationally disadvantaged background.  

Students must be the first generation of their family to earn a four year college degree. The students' parents cannot have earned a Bachelor's degree in any country. Income criteria is calculated by the CSU and is posted on the income criteria page.    

View the EOP brochure [PDF]


GSP (Guardian Scholars Program), part of the Educational Opportunity Program, is committed to helping students exiting the foster care system, wards of the court, under legal guardianship or unaccompanied homeless youth. Once accepted into EOP, eligible students that have indicated on their EOP application that they are former foster youth will be contacted with further information. Detailed information is available on the Guardian Scholars page. 

View the GSP brochure [PDF]


How to apply to SJSU and EOP: 

Apply for SJSU admission before the deadline via CSU Mentor 
- The SJSU Fall admission deadline is November 30
- The SJSU Spring admission deadline is August 31

Once you apply for SJSU admission, the EOP application will be available to you via CSU Mentor 
- The EOP Fall application/admission deadline is December 15
- The EOP Spring application/admission deadline is September 15
- Acceptance into SJSU does NOT guarantee entry into EOP

The FAFSA and CA Dream Act application priority application period is open from January 1 - March 2 every year 
- Fall admission applicants to EOP must have the FAFSA or CA Dream Act application complete and submitted to SJSU by EOP priority processing deadline of February 1
- Spring admission applicants to EOP must have a FAFSA or CA Dream Act application submitted to SJSU by no later than October 1


EOP Application Deadlines:

Fall admission - December 15
Spring admission - September 15

- All incoming freshmen and transfer students must submit a complete Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Application by the deadline via CSU Mentor (the application and general information can be found at and

- All incoming transfer students from the California Community College system who wish to join EOP at SJSU must submit a complete EOP application and follow the same procedures as all other applicants regardless if they were a prior EOP&S student (EOP and EOP&S are two entirely different programs)

- If you are a returning EOP SJSU student or a CSU transfer with enrollment, please contact EOP directly for application/recertification information prior to the EOP Application deadline 

- You have must have been enrolled as an EOP student at the start of your CSU undergraduate program in order to be eligible for EOP at another CSU

EOP Recommendation Form Deadlines:

Fall admission - February 1
Spring admission - October 1

- You must have two (2) recommendation forms submitted on your behalf to complete your EOP application

- It is the applicants' responsibility to follow up with the recommenders to ensure the recommendations were submitted (you may check the status of your recommendation requests/letters submitted through the CSUMentor application manager--when you receive a confirmation e-mail of a recommendation letter that has been submitted on your behalf, be sure to save that e-mail and any other communication you receive during the application process)

- If a recommender cannot provide the recommendation by the stated appropriate deadline for the term, the applicant should ask another qualified person (not a family member nor a friend) to submit a recommendation on their behalf

Letters of Recommendation should be submitted online via CSU Mentor. Paper recommendations will only be accepted if they are on the CSU Recommendation Form.  Letters submitted on letterhead will not be accepted.

- Recommendations received after the stated appropriate deadline for the term will NOT be accepted

EOP FAFSA/CA Dream Act Application Priority Deadlines:

Fall admission - February 1
Spring admission - October 1

- The FAFSA and the CA Dream Act application periods are open from January 1 - March 2 every year for fall admission (in order to receive the best financial aid that you are eligible for, you are highly encouraged to submit your FAFSA or CA Dream Act application as early as possible)

- The FAFSA is required for all EOP applicants for any application period

- AB540 students must fill out the CA Dream Act Application instead of the FAFSA

- Priority consideration for EOP application processing will be given to those with their FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application complete and submitted by February 1 for fall admission and by no later than October 1 for spring admission

- The final deadline for the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application is March 2 for fall admission in order to be considered for EOP

AB540 Students:

AB540 Tuition Exemption Form
This form is to be used if you do not meet the residency requirements, but have attended a California high school for a minimum of three years and have graduated from CA high school. Please see California High School Non-resident Waiver Guidelines for more information.
AB540 students are eligible to apply for EOP beginning with the Fall 2013 term. You must have the AB540 exemption form on file with the university in order to verify your status.

Prospective AB540 students must:

-- Apply to SJSU via CSUMentor for fall admission by November 30 or by August 31 for spring admission (

-- Apply to EOP via CSUMentor for fall admission by December 15 or by September 15 for spring admission (

-- Submit two (2) EOP Recommendation forms for fall admission by February 1 or by October 1 for spring admission

-- Submit the CA Dream Act Application for fall admission by February 1 for EOP Priority processing (final deadline is March 2), by October 1 for spring admission (

-- Submit the AB540 Exemption Form to the university as soon as possible

    --- AB540 Tuition Exemption Form

    --- If you have already graduated high school, submit your AB540 Form along with an official high school transcript

CA Dream Act
AB540 Resource Guide
AB540 and SJSU Admission 

What's Next?

Freshmen: ELM/EPT - Early 2016 for Fall 2016 admission
- Sign up for and complete the CSU required ELM/EPT
- Completing your testing earlier is highly advisable
- The SJSU Admission Office will send information after you submit your application
- Invitation to EOP Summer Bridge is based primarily on ELM/EPT scores

Transfers: WST
- Take/pass the Writing Skills Test (WST) as quickly as possible (the WST is a requirement for upper division students prior to enrolling in SJSU Studies courses--a delay in testing can result in a delay in graduation)

EOP Status
- You will be contacted via MySJSU regarding your EOP status in early April for fall acceptance and late November for spring acceptance
- Your university 'Intent to Enroll', submission of the EOP Student Agreement, and your attendance at EOP First Contact will confirm your EOP acceptance and participation
- Accepted students in EOP are required to attend First Contact (transfer students admitted for fall typically attend in May and Freshmen attend in June--plan accordingly because First Contact is a mandatory event)
- The EOP First Contact program does NOT take the place of university Orientation

Summer Bridge 2016
- EOP will identify candidates and contact you if you are selected to participate in the EOP Summer Bridge Program (typically, participation is based on your scores from the ELM/EPT--students with the greatest academic need will be invited.)

Intent to Enroll (Fall - May 1,  Spring - TBD)
- Whether you are an incoming freshmen student, transfer student (CCC or CSU), or a returning SJSU student you must submit your 'Intent to Enroll' via NextSteps
- You must also pay your orientation fee by the intent to enroll deadline
- SJSU Orientation is mandatory for all Freshmen and Transfer students and returning students
- Transfer orientation for a fall semester is typically held in April, May, or June. Freshmen Orientation dates are typically in June and July (you MUST attend an orientation in order to enroll at San Jose State University)  
- Transfer Orientation for a spring semester TBD