Academic Services FAQs

Note: These questions are intended for people who have questions about the academic services that EOP offers.


  Q: What do I do once I have been accepted into EOP?

A: EOP offers a program called First Contact for newly accepted students. For incoming transfer students, it is usually held in May. For incoming Freshmen, it is usually in June. For more information you should check out our First Contact page.


Q: Does San Jose State University offer a summer bridge program for new students?

A: Yes.  Incoming freshman that do not meet the regular admission criteria and are admitted through a special admit process are required to attend an intensive Summer Bridge program. You can find information about it on our Summer Bridge page.


Q: Why would a student, who is currently earning good grades, benefit from EOP?

A:  All students need supportive communities to be successful. Very few people succeed on their own. EOP has a dedicated group of trained professionals that can help foresee and address challenges that students may encounter at the college level.


Q: Can I still receive EOP support services if I don't receive the EOP Grant?

A:  Yes. EOP will provide with you academic support services even if you do not receive the grant.


Q: Does EOP offer workshops?

A:  Yes. At EOP, we host workshops throughout the semester that are specifically geared towards EOP students. Please check your requirements to see how many workshops you have to attend.


Q: Can I be removed from EOP?

A:  EOP does not typically remove students from the program if the student is meeting all EOP responsibilities. All students in the program sign a detailed Student Agreement that pledges their active participation in program. However, if a student is not holding up their end of the student agreement they can be removed from EOP.


Q: What types of services does EOP provide to students?

A:  EOP provides information on, and explanations of, academic policies, procedures and regulations, General Education and university graduation requirements, a Four Semester Educational Plan for freshmen, assistance with class scheduling, career counseling, personal counseling and advocacy on the behalf of students. It also offers tutoring and mentoring services to students.


Q: Does EOP have a website?

A: You're on it! You can find lots of good information available on this EOP website, and you can always call us if you need information at 408-924-2637.


Q: Does EOP have a Facebook page?

A:  Yes! You can find lots of information, both social and academic on our facebook page, located on the main page or by clicking on the following link: EOP Facebook Page.
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Q: Does EOP have social events where I can meet other EOP students?

A:  EOP offers social programs that include a fall semester EOP welcome, a Talent Show, EOP Word, End of the Semester celebrations, holiday celebrations and others.


Q: Does EOP have a mentor program?

A: Yes, EOP provides additional support for incoming freshmen, transfer students, Guardian Scholars and our male African American and Latino students. We have two separate mentoring programs-I Can, I Will and the New Student Mentor Program. 


Q: Does EOP offer tutoring?

A:  Yes, since Fall 2011, EOP has provided tutoring to students in various courses. For more information please check out our tutoring page.