EOP Workshops


Academic Success Track

Academic success requires action. This track provides you with opportunities to enhance your analytical thinking, writing skills, study skills, and much more.

Topics in this area include: research, writing, studying, problem-solving, study abroad, time management, and communicating with faculty.

Beyond the Degree Track

Not having a plan for after graduation results in having fewer options, less money, more stress, and greater challenges. The Beyond the Degree track assists students in developing a plan for success after graduation.

Topics in this area include: internships, career development, resume writing, professional networking, and graduate school. 

Life Skills Track

It’s hard to know where to learn life skills; they add to our success, but where do you go to learn those skills? The Life Skills track will help you learn how to be a more informed & well-rounded person. 

Topics in this area include: stress management, communication, health, finances, leadership, and setting & achieving goals.