Give to EOP

As a donor, here is something to think about. The Educational Opportunity Program is fully funded by the university. And that is a good thing, so that all of your tax-deductible charitable gift will help EOP’s ability to respond to students’ personal needs in achieving their educational goals. That also means your gift is directly tied to today’s students’ graduation rates. Gifts help fund things that, for students, can feel like insurmountable roadblocks and can mean the difference between staying in school or dropping out.



Student Scholarships

You may choose to direct your gift for EOP scholarships, which is an excellent choice, or targeting to help students in one of our EOP programs such as I Can, I Will or our Guardian Scholars Program, to name a few. To explore all of the programs and services EOP offers, please visit the programs & services portion of our website.

As a donor, you have the option of directing your gift to one of these priority areas within the EOP Program or creating an individually named expendable or permanently endowed gift fund — which allows the university and our SJSU community the opportunity to more publicly recognize your gift. 

If you would like to receive a private on campus tour of EOP, hear about our plans for this school year and/or talk in more detail about the impact your gift could have, please get in touch with a member of our team

On behalf of all of our EOP team members and students, thank you for making an impact.