Give to Guardian Scholars

Each Guardian Scholar who graduates from SJSU is the legacy of compelling efforts. 

In California, less than 10% of foster youth graduate from college. Guardian Scholars at SJSU exists to help students be successful. When you give, you are an active part of improving lives and changing statistics. On behalf of our staff and GSP students, thank you for making an impact!

As a donor, you have the option of directing your gift to the Guardian Scholars Program (our projects are listed below). You can also create an individually named expendable/permanently endowed gift fund — which allows the university and our SJSU community the opportunity to more publicly recognize your gift. 

If you would like to hear about our plans for this school year and/or talk in more detail about the impact your gift could have, please contact us at:

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Funding Projects


Last academic year, thanks to donors like you, we were able to provide scholarship awards to help all of our current Guardian Scholars students pay for the cost of going to college.  Scholarship awards are typically $1,000 per year per student.  Help our tradition remain just as strong for next school year, if not stronger!

Books & School Supplies

No matter what their choice of major, we want these students to thrive. We allow free printing to our studens and provide $300 bookstore vouchers for all of our students that help pay for the cost of books, class materials, and school supplies. 

Beyond The Degree Costs

As the finish line approaches, we are ready to support the transition for our students who need help paying for their graduation regalia, or are looking to take the GRE/CBEST/CSET exams, pay for grad school applications, or are in need of a suit to interview for a position in their dream career.

Continuous Learning

Every month, GSP students attend a skill-building workshop over lunch in which they get essential information to help them as students, independent adults, and future employees of the workforce. Some examples of these workshop series are: financial management, study skills, networking, etiquette dinners, etc. 

Student Relief

According to California State University (CSU) research, 41.6% of CSU students experience food insecurity. Besides referring our students to on-campus food pantries and community resources, GSP also provides a snack rack and toiletries rack at our study lounge. 

This can also fund emergencies that students run into, such as car problems or the $600 deposit needed up front in a short amount of time so that an incoming student can have housing in our dorms on campus.