Give to Guardian Scholars


Click above to be directed to the SJSU Giving page to make your secure online donation; choose your gift designation as "Other Purpose" and type in Guardian Scholars Program. 


Each Guardian Scholar who graduates from SJSU is the legacy of compelling efforts. 

As a donor, you have the option of directing your gift to one of these priority areas within the Guardian Scholars Program or creating an individually named expendable or permanently endowed gift fund — which allows the university and our SJSU community the opportunity to more publicly recognize your gift. 

If you would like to receive a private on campus tour of EOP, hear about our plans for this school year and/or talk in more detail about the impact your gift could have, please get in touch with a member of our team

On behalf of all of our EOP team members and GSP students, thank you for making an impact.

Priority Projects

Generous Scholarships

Last academic year, thanks to gifts, we could provide scholarship awards to help nearly all of our current Guardian Scholars students pay for school.  Scholarship awards are typically $1,000 per year per student.  Help our tradition remain just as strong for next school year, if not stronger!

Emergency Funding

Such as the $600 deposit needed up front in a short amount of time in order for an incoming student to have housing in our dorms on campus.

School Supplies

No matter what their choice of major, we want these students to have enough, and to thrive.  We offer $200 book vouchers for students plus help pay additional school costs that certain majors (such as Art or Industrial Design) may require, or costs to replace a broken laptop for a Graphic Design major (which is a necessity.) 

Beyond The Degree Costs

As graduation day approaches, we’re ready when called upon to help with unexpected personal budget costs for things like grad school application fees or buying one outfit so that a Guardian Scholar can feel confident, professional and focused on presenting during job interviews who they are as a person, as someone with knowledge and skills, ready to start his or her professional career.