Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resume and cover letter should be in their most complete and updated version as possible. Your resume and cover letter is something that you want as many eyes on as possible. Use your network of professors, campus staff support, and professionals to provide you with feedback on your resume.

Resume tools: 

How To Write a Resume and Tips

SJSU Career Center Resume Outline

Sample Resume 

Cover letter tools:

hSeven Keys to a Killer Cover Letter

Wiki-How: Writing a Cover Letter

SJSU Career Center Cover Letter Outline 


Internship and Job Experience

If you are consistently apply for jobs and not receiving offers, you may have to take a step back to see where your skill gaps are. Being considered for an interview will require that your resume matches up with with the job description. If you are missing skills, you may have to get an internship or a job which will provide you with the skills needed.


Updating/Creating Linkedin Profiles

Creating a Linkedin profile can be beneficial for you as you look for a job or for volunteer opportunity. Having a larger network does not hurt anybody, the more people you know the more opportunities come to you.

21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn


Websites for job searching


References for jobs

  • Maintaining your references are important as your are job searching. If you need a reference, make sure to ask the person you would like to use. Send them an email at least one month in advance and ask if they would be able to serve as a positive reference for a job you are applying to. Provide them with information about the job you are applying for. Make sure that it is someone who can speak to the skills you would need to use in the job you are applying to. Don’t go for who is easiest to ask, but who would be most useful and accurate in speaking to your character and skills.
  • Let your references know exactly what being a reference for you entails; a letter of recommendation, a phone conversation. Be specific and provide any known deadlines.

*If a recommender denies your request for a letter, thank them for considering your request and find someone else