Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources


Chafee Grant Dependent or ward of the court, living in foster care, between the ages of 16 and 18. Under age of 22 by July 1 of award year. Up to $5,000 Renewable Undergrad Submit with FAFSA, March 2nd priority deadline
Silicon Valley Children's Fund YES Scholarship          March 31st
FAFSA     Renewable Undergrad and Grad March 2nd
SJSU Financial Aid     Renewable Undergrad and Grad  March 2nd
Foster a Dream     Renewable    February 1st to April 10th for 2017
SJSU Scholarships     Renewable Undergrad and Grad  
Change a Life Foundation Foster youth, attending a 4 year college, California resident, and 2.5 GPA or higher  $5,000 Not Renewable Undergrad  March 18th, 2016
John Burton Foundation Foster Care Backpack, gift card, and lap top  No    
Don and Roy Splawn Charitable Foundation West Scholarship Grant At least 2.6 GPA, employment paid or unpaid,
community service, and 
extracurricular activities.
 $1,000 Renewable   April 15th, 2016
Foster Care to Success  In Foster Care for at least one year, under 25 years old prior to March 31st of year applying. $2,500 to $5,000 Renewable Undergrad and Grad Undergrad: March 1st to May 1st and August 1st to October 1st, annually
Splawn Charitibable Foundation Financially disadvantaged students  $1,000 Renewable   April 15th, 2016
Jack Kent Cook Foundation Current comunity college student ready to tranfer to a 4 year, GPA of at least 3.5, demonstrate financial need.  $40,000 Renewable  Undergraduate  Early October to early December 
Adult Extended Education Scholarship Adult individual returning to college, has not graduated from high school in the last 2 years. Returning to school after taking some time off.  $500 Not Renewable  Undergraduate  January 15th, 2016 
META Foundation Continuing student, GPA of 3.0 or higher, U.S citizen or legal resident of Hispanic origin.  $2,000 Renewable  Undergraduate  Opens January 2017 
The nsoro Foundation Public or private foster care, adopted or placed into legal guardianship, or been orphaned for at least one year at the time of their 18th birthday. Be under the age of 25, GPA at least 2.5.  $1,500 to $6,000 Renewable Undergraduate  April 12th, 2016 
Orangewood Fondation -CHILDREN’S TRUST FUND (CTF)  Current and former Orange County, CA, foster youth, under the age of 25. $187 to $4,500 Renewable Undergraduate  September 30th for Fall, February 28th for Spring 
"No  Essay" College Scholarship Enrolled in school, legal resident $2,000 Not Renewable Undergraduate and Graduate Available Monthly
Bob Ross Memorial Scholarship Over 21 old, passion for farm industry $8,250 CAD Not Renewable   September 15th, 2016
Zip Recruiter Scholarship Challenge  2.5 GPA $1,000  Not Renewable  Undergraduate  June 25th, 2015 
Foster A Dream Scholarship 2.0 GPA, need to have been in foster care from Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano Counties. Must be younger than 24 years old.  $500 tp $5,000 Renewable Undergraduate  April deadline 
National Foster Parent Association High school graduating seniors who where in the foster care system or adopted.   Renewable  Undergraduate or vocational school April deadline
Iternational Student Foundation Orphaned or in foster care but not adopted, full-time students. 2.5GPA, 23 years old or younger.   Renewable Undergraduate  March deadline 
Child Support Lawyer LA Must have been fostered or adopted by a gay or lesbian parent. Part time student or more.  $750 Renewable  Undergraduate and Graduate  September 2016 
Study Soup College Student $2,000 Renewable Graduate and Undergraduate October 1st, 2016
Fun Leashed College Student $500 Renewable Undergraduate and Graduate October 15th, 2016
College Jump Start College Student $1,000 Not Renewable Undergraduate October 17th, 2016
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship College student in an accredited school $2,000 Not Renewable   October 31st, 2016 Scholarship College students who have applied to other scholarships $500 Not Renewable Undergraduate and Graduate October 1st, 2016
Crowidfornia  College Students, 18 years or older, Legal resident of the USA.  $1,500 to $500 Not Renewable Undergraduate November 30th, 2016
APIASF College student $2,500 Not Renewable Undergraduate January 11th, 2017