Academic Coaching for Educational Success

The Academic Coaching for Educational Success (ACES) Program strives to provide students with the necessary skills and tools to excel throughout their academic experience at SJSU.

ACES Coaches work to provide a rewarding experience that promotes the assets necessary to succeed in college—such as goal setting, organizational skills, note taking, study skills, time management, finding motivation, etc. Through mentorship and the sharing of resources, ACES Coaches provide a source of support and accountability for students as they pursue their baccalaureate degree.

Program Goals:

  • Identify issues participants are having, which in turn cause low/bad grades in classes
  • Make participants aware of SJSU and EOP resources available to help them with their academics
  • Provide participants with a reliable source of information regarding SJSU academic policies
  • Provide participants with skills and tools to have greater success in the classroom/academic settings
  • Create a detailed plan for GPA improvement




Note: Students placed into the program must attend all required meetings and events to avoid being placed on EOP probation.