I Can, I Will


"I Can, I Will" is a First-Year Experience Program focused on increasing the retention and graduation rates of African-American and Latino males in the Educational Opportunity Program at San Jose State University. Participants are empowered through meticulously designed weekly meetings with trained peer mentors who provide motivation, accountability, a process for engagement with the campus, assistance in developing a "road map to college," and a sense of community.


  • Assist students with transition to and navigation of SJSU
  • Provide students a space for self-reflection to gain a deeper sense of self and why they are seeking a higher education degree
  • Empower students to strive for academic excellence through self-ownership of education and a system of accountability
  • Create a bridge to EOP and campus services
  • Provide mentorship, positive role models, and a community of support and connection

How it Works

Before the beginning of the school year, incoming freshmen and transfers with a GPA of 3.6 or below from their previous institution get paired with an I Can, I Will mentor. Students with GPAs higher than a 3.6 can opt into the program as well. Once the school year starts, students will meet with their mentors on a regular basis and attend social and educational events throughout the semester. 

Note: Students placed into the program must attend all required meetings and events to avoid being placed on EOP probation.



"My mentor is my role model. Seeing that he is able to accomplish good things makes me think I can too." - Deion Early

"My mentor seemed like an older brother to me because we could relate to each other and were able to talk on a personal level." - Byron Munoz

"At first I was shy but my mentor instilled confidence which allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and be willing to ask for help." - Ari Pimentel

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jesus Jimenez, Transition Support Programs Coordinator, at: jesus.jimenez01@sjsu.edu