Summer Bridge


June 30th-August 2nd

Summer Bridge is a five-week academically intensive program where 60 EOP students have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to succeed at SJSU. During the program, students complete the EarlyStart program coursework. They also participate in activities that help them learn the campus culture, identify all resources available to them, and build a community with other first-generation college students. Summer Bridge comes at no cost to all participants.

If you are accepted into the program, we cover all summer costs including housing, food, school supplies (backpack, notebooks, pencils, etc.), books for the courses, registration fees for the units you will earn during the program, and more!

Who Can Participate?

Eligible students will be contacted directly by our office with information about the program, whether or not it's mandatory for them to participate, and any steps they have to take before attending Summer Bridge.

View the Summer Bridge Video

Read the Summer Bridge 2019 Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)



I've been selected for Summer Bridge. Now what?

Congratulations on being accepted into this great program! You should have recieved information regarding next steps and how to apply to the program. Follow the steps below to ensure that you are able to participate: 

1. Fill out the EOP Summer Bridge Application

This is a Google application form sent to all students invited to participate in Summer Bridge. Your responses to this form are used to determine your qualification for EOP Summer Bridge.

2. Fill out and submit all required Participation Documents

We will send you a number of documents that must be filled out, signed, and returned to us. Make sure to return the forms by the assigned deadline.

3. Check your email and MySJSU messages frequently!



If you can not attend...

If you've been selected to participate in Summer Bridge and are required to complete Early Start, you must complete the program in order to retain your status as an EOP student. If you have extenuating circumstances, you may file an appeal for review.