Fall 2017 Courses in EOP


Eng 1A: First Year Writing
Eng 1AF/S (Stretch): First Year Writing
Eng 1B: Argument and Analysis
Eng 100W: Writing Workshop
Eng 2: Critical Thinking and Writing


Math 008: College Algebra 1
Math 008W: College Algebra Workshop
Math 010: Mathematics for General Education
Math 012: Number Systems
Math 015C: Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
Math 016C: Statway C: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
Math 019: Precalculus
Math 019W: Precalculus Workshop
Math 030: Calculus I
Math 030P: Calculus I w/ Precalculus
Math 030PL: Calculus w/ Precalculus
Math 030W: Calculus I Workshop
Math 031: Calculus II
Math 031W: Calculus II Workshop
Math 032: Calculus III
Math 032W: Calculus III Workshop
Math 042: Discrete Mathematics
Math 042W: Discrete Math Workshop
Math 133A: Ordinary Differential Equations
Math 133W: Ordinary Differential Equations Workshop
Math 1003A: Intensive Learning Mathematics I
Math 1003B: Intensive Learning Mathematics II
Math 1003R: Entry Level Mathematics Review
Math 1006A: Entry Level Mathematics I
Math 1006B: Entry Level Mathematics II
Math 1006L: Entry Level Mathematics
Math 1015A: Statway A: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
Math 1015B: Statway B: Statistics-Concepts & Methods
Math 1015D: Statway Algebra Review Activity
Math 1016A: Statway A: Statistics-Concept & Methods
Stats 95: Elementary Statistics
Stats 115: Intermdiate Statistics
JS 15: Intro Stats in Justice Studies
HS 67: Intro to Health Statistics
Soci 102: Intro to Statistics
AFAM 2A: African-Americans and the Development of America's History and Government
AFAM 2B: African-Americans and the Development of America's History and Government
AE 20: Computer-Aided Design for Aerospace Engineers
AE 30: Computer Programming for Aerospace Engineers
BIOL 10: The Living World
BIOL 21: Human Biology
BIOL 65: Human Anatomy
BIOL 66: Human Physiology
Bus 12
CHAD 70: Lifespan Development in the 21st Century
CHEM 1A: General Chemistry
CHEM 1B: General Chemistry
CHEM 30A: Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 30B: Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 55: Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 120S: Chemical Safety Seminar
CHIN 1A: Elementary Chinese
CMPE 30: Programming Concepts and Methodology
CMPE 50: Object-Oriented Concepts and Methodology
COMM 10: Communication and Human Relationships
COMM 20: Public Speaking
COMM 40: Argumentation and Advocacy
COMM 41: Critical Decision Making
DANC 010: Dance Appreciation
ENGR 10: Introduction to Engineering
ENVS 10: Life on a Changing Planet
GEOG 1: Geography of Natural Environments
HS 10: Understanding Your Health
HS 15: Human Life Span
HS 74: Healthy Communities
MICR 20: General Bacteriology
NUFS 8: Nutrition for the Health Professions
NUFS 16: Science, Physiology, and Nutrition
NURS 100W: Writing Workshop
NURS 43: Pharmacology
NURS 33: Professional Role Development I
NURS 53: Skills in Nursing
PHIL 57: Logic and Critical Reasoning
PHIL 61: Moral Issues
PHYS 2A: Fundamentals of Physics
POLS 3: Introduction to Political Thought
PSYC 001: General Psychology
RELS 099: Death, Dying and Religions
SOCI 001: Introduction to Sociology
KIN 070: Introduction to Kinesiology