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The Beyond the Degree (BTD) program assists students in achieving their career goals so that they may graduate and obtain a position in their chosen field. EOP is committed to providing you the knowledge, skills, and resources to look beyond just simply obtaining your degree.

The concept for BTD is the result of a national trend in higher education. Across the nation, employers are asking universities and colleges to provide more job-related preparation to students before they graduate. They want to hire employees who have relevant work experience, communication skills, interpersonal skills, proven problem solving ability, and more.

Our EOP Academic Advisors observed that students were waiting until after graduation to start to develop a plan for their careers. So we decided to take action and partner with select alumni, employers, and staff/faculty to provide you essential skills related to life beyond the degree.






EOP Global Programs provide students the opportunity to develop global competence by increasing their understanding of global markets and economic interdependence, teaching them to navigate the complexities of a hyperconnected world, and fostering a cadre of global citizens who comprehend that pressing world issues transcend national borders. 

Students who participate in EOP Global Programs learn to assess the challenges, opportunities, and risks that come from operating in a global society.  All participants have the opportunity to take part in a series of global engagement workshops, including guest speakers from corporate partners in the Silicon Valley and experiential learning opportunities that provide local, national, and global linkages.