The Guardian Scholars mission is to provide assistance with academic, life and career skills to current and former foster youth at San Jose State University 


Each participant in the Guardian Scholars program will leave San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s Degree, Independent Living Skills and the career skills for success beyond their undergraduate degree.   


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Guardian Scholars Timeline at SJSU


Guardian Scholars serves former foster and homeless youth attending San Jose State University.  It continues to provide support and resources to incoming freshman, transfer and continuing students by helping them on their path to success at San Jose State University. We work in collaboration with many of the student support programs on campus, and community services off campus.  We have been successful in supporting Guardian Scholars’ students through ongoing coaching and mentoring, building a social community, and helping students chart a course toward graduation.  We help the students to connect and build relationships with other students with similar backgrounds and life experiences.


The CME Society became the Guardian Scholars program and moved within the Educational Opportunity Program.


The CME Society gained support from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation to provide a more comprehensive campus support program with a three-year grant of $300,000.  The CME Society became a collaborative support program with links to Financial Aid, Housing, Academic Support programs and other student support services. 

The CME Staff consisted of the Director, Education Coordinator and student assistants.


Momentum on our campus to address the needs of former foster youth developed into an advisory group of concerned faculty, alumni, staff and students referred to as the “Connect, Motivate and Educate” Society, or CME Society.  The vision of the group was to see “young adults who have come from the foster care system become successful San Jose State University students in route to achieving their life dreams.”

The program served nine students in its first year.


A group of university and community supporters start meeting to begin addressing the needs of former foster youth.


California State Legislature passed AB 2463, sponsored by Assemblyman Caldera.  AB 2463 provided for outreach and assistance to emancipated foster youth attending the California State University (CSU) and the California Community Colleges Systems.  This bill was signed into law in September of 1996 and is now known as Section 89340 of the Education Code (The Higher Education Outreach and Assistance Act for Emancipated Foster Youth). 



  • I joined the Guardian Scholars program to meet others that have experienced similar unfortunate events but that had the desire of higher education. I needed to see firsthand that I what I am trying to do could be done. I found inspiration, motivation, and connections. –Israel

  •  I needed guidance on the college process my foster parents didn't prepare me for. I needed someone I could go to who had answers for my problems. -Amber

  • I became a Guardian Scholar because I saw that the Guardian Scholars program had people (person) running it who actually cared about the student's well being. When you come from an environment where higher education is not easily accessible, one tends to feel alone. Guardian Scholars not only gave me a group of people who understand me, the Guardian Scholars program gave me a family who is willing to help. – Bee

  • I thought it would be a good way to meet people who are from the same backgrounds. I also felt with support I could accomplish more. –Sina

  • I joined Guardian Scholars, not really sure what I was getting into. I was a confused, new freshman and GS helped me to really learn and take advantage of all that the program and school has to offer. Through GS I have learned so much, not just about school but about financial, and time management. I have gained a new set of friends who all have a great goal: the pursuit of higher education. –Talanda