How to Become a Guardian Scholar


-- Highly motivated students who have recently emancipated from foster care or are orphaned and certified homeless by the Financial Aid Office
-- Incoming freshmen or transfer students who meet SJSU's eligibility criteria for admission (CSU Mentor)
-- Admitted to the SJSU Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) (Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Online Application)
-- Complete the SJSU EOP Guardian Scholars Supplemental Application by the deadline of May 1
-- Considered "Independent" under federal financial aid guidelines
-- California Resident
-- US citizen or permanent resident
-- Under the age of 27
-- FAFSA financial aid application completed by the required filing date (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


Application Procedures:

-- Apply to SJSU when using CSU application (
-- Mark "YES" when asked if you are interested in applying to EOP on Section 11 of the CSUMentor Online application. Because the box is marked, the EOP application link will be included in the confirmation after completion of the CSU application.
-- Students who do not mark this box can return to the CSU Mentor website to the EOP application section at and then complete the EOP Online application. Fill out all parts of the EOP application.
-- On the EOP application mark "YES" to question 26, section (f) which asks if you are or were a former foster youth.
-- EOP will e-mail you the SJSU Guardian Scholar Application in April.
Priority deadline for returning the SJSU Guardian Scholar application with foster youth documentation is May 1st.
-- Once the Guardian Scholars Application is completed, you will be provided with information on scholarship opportunities.
-- Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online at by March 2.


Why join GSP? 

  • I joined the Guardian Scholars program to meet others that have experienced similar unfortunate events but that had the desire of higher education. I needed to see firsthand that I what I am trying to do could be done. I found inspiration, motivation, and connections. –Israel

  •  I needed guidance on the college process my foster parents didn't prepare me for. I needed someone I could go to who had answers for my problems.-Amber

  • I became a Guardian Scholar because I saw that the Guardian Scholars program had people (person) running it who actually cared about the student's well being. When you come from an environment where higher education is not easily accessible, one tends to feel alone. Guardian Scholars not only gave me a group of people who understand me, the Guardian Scholars program gave me a family who is willing to help. – Bee

  • I thought it would be a good way to meet people who are from the same backgrounds. I also felt with support I could accomplish more. –Sina

  • I joined Guardian Scholars, not really sure what I was getting into. I was a confused, new freshman and GS helped me to really learn and take advantage of all that the program and school has to offer. Through GS I have learned so much, not just about school but about financial, and time management. I have gained a new set of friends who all have a great goal: the pursuit of higher education. –Talanda