"I Can, I Will" Mentor Program


"I Can, I Will" is a First-Year Experience Program focused on increasing the retention and graduation rates of African-American and Latino males in the Educational Opportunity Program at San Jose State University. Participants are empowered through purposeful weekly meetings with trained peer mentors who provide motivation, accountability, a process for engagement with the campus, assistance in developing a "road map to college", and a sense of community.




By the year 2014, the "I Can, I Will" program will have increased the graduation and retention rates for African-American and Latino males at SJSU by 5%. This will be achieved by empowering students through a  community of support and connection, fostering a deeper understanding of self, and providing a "road map" of college.


  • Assist students with transition to and navigation of SJSU
  • Provide students a space for self-reflection to gain a deeper sense of self and why they are seeking a higher education degree
  • Empower students to strive for academic excellence through self-ownership of education and a system of accountability
  • Create a bridge to EOP and campus services
  • Provide mentorship, positive role models, and a community of support and connection

How it works

Peer mentoring meetings

You are assigned a mentor who will meet with you for one hour per week.

Group meeting commitments

All mentors and mentees will be REQUIRED to attend:

  • A monthly group meeting
  • The "I Can, I Will" Summit - A two day event focused on the specific strengths and challenges of African-American and Latino males at SJSU.

ICIW Summit Group Pictures

  • Fall 2011 "I Can, I Will" Summit Group Photo
  • Fall 2012 "I Can, I Will" Summit Group Photo
  • Fall 2013 "I Can, I Will" Summit Group Photo

Application Information

Check back later for information on how to apply to the SJSU EOP "I Can, I Will" mentor program.


"It allowed me to connect with individuals with the same goal"- Miguel Hernandez

"My mentor taught me how to talk to professors and not [be] shy by actually asking for help during and after class" - Otoniel Montes

"The program motivated me to work harder and to believe in myself" - Alfonso Basulto

"My mentor was always there and he would always remind me to ask for help when I needed it" - Alex Ortega

"My mentor is my role model. Seeing that he is able to accomplish good things makes me think I can too." - Deion Early

"My mentor seemed like an older brother to me because we could relate to each other and were able to talk on a personal level." - Byron Munoz

"At first I was shy but my mentor instilled confidence which allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and be willing to ask for help." - Ari Pimentel

"My mentor was someone to talk to about anything. I had someone else to hang out with." - Damian Valencia