Summer Bridge

I have received a Summer Bridge email!
Do I have to attend? Yes! Based on EOP criteria and in order to retain your EOP status, you are required to attend.
What do I need to do?

Summer Bridge Registration Forms

  • EOP Summer Bridge Program Agreement [PDF]

  • Medication Release and Authorization [PDF]

  • University Activity Informed Consent Liability Waiver [PDF]

*Please click on [PDF] for the items above to open the form.  Clearly print on all forms and fax, mail or drop off in-person by the deadline.  Please do NOT mail.

I have questions!
Contact Alberto via email at




The Educational Opportunity Program strives to help students be successful! It is of utmost importance to start your undergraduate studies on a firm foundation. EOP Summer Bridge offers that firm foundation for new freshmen students!


2014 Program Dates






  • Participation in this academic opportunity is considered a privilege
  • Selection is based on admission to SJSU, EOP, NextSteps completion, academic need, ELM/EPT scores, educational and personal background
  • Adherence to the program is central to participant success
  • Non attendance at Summer Bridge may affect your admission status to SJSU and EOP;  you may file an EOP Status Appeal if you have extenuating reasons for non attendance


  • Join a select group of 80 EOP freshmen participating in Summer Bridge
  • Get a jump start on your college education and experience life at SJSU
  • Participate in 5 weeks of intensive academic studies designed to fulfill remedial requirements and to develop needed writing, math, and study skills  

 On Campus Living

  • EOP Summer Bridge is a residential, live on-campus program
  • You will be required to live on campus for 5 weeks to experience the full impact of the program
  • FREE! There is no fee to attend other than personal travel expenses to and from the campus
  • Food, on campus housing, and academic materials will be provided by EOP
  • EOP Summer Bridge will also meet your CSU Early Start requirement(s)


  • Summer Bridge students will participate in SJSU Orientation Session
  • Participants will enroll in predetermined courses (remedial and general education) along with other Summer Bridge participants
  • You may be allowed to choose some courses in your first year depending on your remediation level and registration units available
  • You are guaranteed courses for the fall, regardless of Orientation date, as you will be enrolled in select classes that have been specially set aside for you!  


I can not attend...

If you have been identified as a Summer Bridge participant, your attendance is mandatory and your continued acceptance to EOP and SJSU may be dependent on completing Summer Bridge.  If you have extenuating circumstances you may file an appeal for review.