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Clark Hall 128

Academic Year Hours
M - Th, 9am - 7pm


Spring 2016 Tutoring Hours: 

2/1 - 2/ 4:
Drop in only M - Th 1p-4p


2/8 - 5/5:
By appt only M - Th 9a-7p
Drop in M - Th 12p - 1p

5/5: Last day of tutoring by appt for spring term


5/9 - 5/12:
Drop in only M - Th 1p-4p










The EOP Tutoring Center offers tutoring in a variety of subjects and is open to all EOP students. General help with most writing assignments is also available.

Students are required to attend tutoring if they are first time freshmen in any remedial course(s).  Please check your specific requirements for more information. Priority will be given to those students that have been mandated to attend EOP Tutoring.


Spring 2016 Available Courses 

(Updated 1/11/16)

*Priority will be given to those students that have been mandated to attend EOP Tutoring.  The more availability and specific instructions you provide the better chances of a tutor match. Tutor appointments will be set up for the entire semester and can take 3-5 days to process.


Requesting Tutoring

1) Sign into GradesFirst
2) Click "Request Tutor Appt" link for class you want to request tutoring in
3) Include ALL your available days/times (between M-Th, 9am-7pm)
--Tutoring is only available beginning on the hour, in one hour increments
--Ex:  a request for 9am-10am can be matched; a request for 9:30am - 10:30am  can NOT be matched
4) Include special instructions (tutor preference, work schedule, etc.)
5) All tutoring appointments are set for the entire semester; if you are not required to attend tutoring be sure to indicate  how many tutoring sessions you would like to have
6) Indicate group or individual tutoring**
7) Select location to EOP Self Service 
8) Click "Send" to submit Tutor Request

**Please be aware that almost all of the tutoring is in group sessions.  Tutoring appointments fill up quickly, so you may need to provide additional availability if you did not provide sufficient enough information in your request.

Good Example:
Mondays/Wednesdays 11am - 2pm.  Tuesdays/Thursdays 3pm - 6pm.  
Bad Example:
Monday 9am-10am

Tutoring Check-in/out
1) Check in at the EOP Front Desk
2) Swipe in with your Student ID card through GradesFirst
3) Your tutor will come out to greet you in the lobby
4) Swipe out after your tutoring session
Appointment Cancellations
1) Sign into GradesFirst
2) Click on the appointment via the Calendar tab
3) Click "Cancel Appointment"
4) Follow prompts
Cancel VS No Show 
You must cancel a tutoring session 24 hours before your appointment without being counted as a no-show. You will be marked as a no-show if you are more than 5 minutes late to a tutoring session and if you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours in advance. If you are a no-show to more than 3 tutoring appointments in a row, the rest of your tutoring sessions will be canceled. 

 EOP Tutors Will Not:

• write your papers
• perform line-by-line editing
• do your homework

EOP Tutors Will:
• work with you for an hour
• help you to identify the task
• set an agenda for the session
• assist you in learning course content
• help you summarize new learning
• look ahead and plan for your next session
How to Prepare?
You must be present and prepared to learn. Before each tutoring session, please do the following:
• Know what questions or concerns to address
• Bring all materials to the session (i.e. assignment, syllabus, class notes, textbook, etc.)
• Print out writing and other assignments
 Tips for Group Tutoring
• Exchange contact information with peers
• Form study groups
• Helps struggling peers
• Contribute to the group
• Provide feedback
• Look to the tutor when group is stuck