EOP Tutoring


Clark Hall 128


M - Th, 9am - 7pm


Tutoring by Appointment
Specific courses only:

Sept. 2 - Nov. 25
M - Th, 9am - 7pm

Drop-in Tutoring
General writing, math, and study skills:

Sept. 2 - Nov. 25
M - Th, 12pm - 1pm

Dec. 1 - 4



The EOP Tutoring program offers tutoring in a wide variety of subjects and is open to all EOP students. General help with most writing assignments is also available.

Students are required to attend tutoring if they are first time freshmen in any remedial courses or if they are on academic probation and if they are registered for any of the courses listed below. If you are taking remedial courses and/or are on academic probation, you are also encouraged to request tutoring for your other courses as well. Please check your specific requirements for more information. Priority will be given to those students that have been mandated to attend EOP Tutoring.



Available Courses 

ANTH  11 Cultural Anthro   MATH   3A/B Intensive Learn I
ANTH  12 Intro to Human Evol   MATH   6A Entry Level Math I
ANTH  13 Archaeology   MATH   6L Entry Level Math
ANTH 100W Writing Workshop   MATH   8 College Algebra
ANTH 140 Human Sexuality   MATH  10 Math for Gen Ed
BIOL   1A Found Biodiv   MATH  19 Precalculus
BIOL   1B Found Cell/Physio   MATH  30 Calculus I
BIOL  10 The Living World   MATH  30P Cal I with Precal
BIOL  21 Human Biology   MATH  31 Calculus II
BIOL  65 Human Anatomy   MATH  32 Calculus III
CHAD  60 Child Developmt   MATH  42 Discrete Math
CHAD  67 Dev Human Potentia   MATH  71 Calc for Bus/Aviat
CHEM   1A General Chem   MATH 133A Ord Diff Eq
CHEM   1B Gen Chem   MICR  20 Gen Bact
CHEM  30A Intro Chem   MICR 101 Gen Microbiol
CMPE 131 Software Engr I   NUFS   8 Nutr Health Prof
COMM  10 Comm and Relations   NUFS   9 Intro Human Nutr
COMM  20 Public Speaking   NUFS  16 Sci, Physio, Nutr
COMM  20N Pub Sp Nonn Spks   NUFS 108L Nutrition Lab
COMM  40 Argmnt/Advocacy   NUFS 163 Phys Fit + Nutrit
CS  46A Intro to Progrmng   NURS  23 Pathophysiology-I
CS  46B Intro to Data Strc   NURS  33 Prof Role Dev I
ENGL   1A Composition I   NURS  43 Pharmacology
ENGL   1B Composition 2   NURS  53 Skills in Nursing I
ENGL   7 Critical Thinking   PHIL  12 Phil of the Person
ENGL  56A Eng Lit to 1800   PHIL  57 Logic & Crit Reas
ENGL  68A Am Lit to 1865   PHIL  61 Moral Issues
ENGL  71 Intro Creative Writ   PHYS   1 Elem Phys
ENGL 100A Writing Competency   PHYS   2A/2B Fund of Physics
ENGL 100W Wrtg Wrkshop   PHYS  49 Intro to Physics
ENGL 103 Modern English   PHYS  50 General Physics
ENGL 125 European Lit   PHYS  51 General Physics
ENGL 130 Writing Fiction   PHYS  52 General Physics
ENGR  10 Intro to Engr   PSYC   1 General Psychology
ENGR  11 Intro Eng Transfer   RTVF  80 Intro to ElecMedia
ENGR 100W Engr Reports   RTVF 111 Alternative Cinema
ENVS   1 Intro Environ Iss   RTVF 120 Intermediate Sound
ENVS  10 Life Chang Planet   RTVF 130 Inter Film/TV Prod
HIST  20A Hist of Amer Peopl   SCI   2 Success in Science
HS  67 Intro Health Stat   SOCI   1 Intro to Sociology
HS 167 Biostatistics   SOCI  15 Stat Ap in Soc Sci
HUM   1A/B Hum Honors 1A   SOCI  57 Community Involve
HUM   2A Hum Honors 2A   SOCI  80 Social Problems
LING  20 Nature of Language   SOCI 100W Writing Workshop
LING  21 Langu and Thinking   SOCI 104 Quantit Res Meth
LLD   1 Academic English I   SOCI 140 Soci of Media
LLD   2 Academic Engl II   SOCI 160 Immigration & Identy
LLD 100A Writing Competency   SOCI 162 Race/Ethnic Rels
LLD 100W Writing Workshop   SOCI 172 LGBT Studies
MAS  10A Mex Am US Hist/Gov   SOCI 175 Soc of Mas & Fem
MAS  74 Public Address   STAT  95 Elem Stat
      UNVS  15A Statway A
      WOMS 102 Global Women


Requesting Tutoring

1) Sign into GradesFirst

2) Click "Request Tutor Appt" link

3) Include all available days/times (between M-Th, 9am-7pm)

4) Include special instructions (tutor preference, work schedule, etc.)

5) Indicate how many tutoring sessions

6) Indicate group or individual tutoring

7) Click "Send" to submit Tutor Request


Mondays/Wednesdays 11am - 2pm.  Tuesdays/Thursdays 3pm - 6pm.  

The more availability and specific instructions you provide the better chances of a tutor match. Tutor appointments will be set up for the entire semester and can take 3-5 days to process.


Tutoring Check-in/out

1) Check in at the EOP Front Desk

2) Swipe in with your Student ID card through GradesFirst

3) Your tutor will come out to greet you in the lobby

4) Swipe out after your tutoring session


Appointment Cancellations

1) Sign into GradesFirst

2) Click on the appointment via the Calendar tab

3) Click "Cancel Appointment"

4) Follow prompts

  • You must cancel a tutoring session 1 hour before your appointment without being counted as a no-show.
  • You will be marked as a no-show if you are more than 5 minutes late to a tutoring session.
  • If you are a no-show to more than 2 tutoring appointments in a row, the rest of your tutoring sessions will be canceled.


What to Expect?

EOP Tutors will not:

• write your papers
• perform line-by-line editing
• do your homework

EOP Tutor will:

• work with you for an hour
• help you to identify the task
• set an agenda for the session
• assist you in learning course content
• help you summarize new learning
• look ahead and plan for your next session


How to Prepare?

You must be present and prepared to learn. Before each tutoring session, please do the following:

• Know what questions or concerns to address
• Bring all materials to the session (i.e. assignment, syllabus, class notes, textbook, etc.)
• Print out writing and other assignments


Tips for Group Tutoring

• Exchange contact information with peers
• Form study groups
• Helps struggling peers
• Contribute to the group
• Provide feedback
• Look to the tutor when group is stuck