Apply to Guardian Scholars



  • Admitted to SJSU and to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)*
  • Under the age of 27 at time of acceptance to the EOP program.
  • Highly motivated students planning to apply to SJSU who are in foster care, wards of the court, were under legal guardianship, have recently emancipated from foster care, or minors that are certified homeless by the Financial Aid Office. 
  • US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • California Resident.


Application Procedures

  • Apply to SJSU and the Educational Opportunity Program when using Calstate Apply.
  • Students must complete the  FAFSA online by January 31 (as part of the EOP application process).
  • Students must be admitted to EOP prior to applying to GSP. 
  • Students accepted to EOP will be invited to apply to GSP.
  • The GSP APPLICATION for Fall 2019 is closed.  
  • New Fall 2020 SJSU admits will be invited in May 2020 to apply for GSP.
  • All documentation for Fall 2019 applicants (essay and verification) is due by July 15, 2019 and should be emailed in PDF format to


The Guardian Scholars Program only accepts applications from new SJSU EOP students at the time of university admission.  




EOP applications are due by November 30th for a Fall term.

- Recommendation forms & FAFSA/CADA submitted to SJSU are due January 31th

EOP applications are not accepted for any Spring term.



Please email us:

GSP Brochure [PDF]