EOP Graduation Information

EOP Graduation

EOP usually holds a graduation ceremony in the Fall and another in the Spring. This is in addition to the University's graduation ceremonies.

Do you have close to 90 units or more?
Now is the time to start thinking about graduation! How to apply, deadlines and more are available online.  

The Registrar's Office holds graduation workshops for undergraduate students that are eligible to apply for graduation. 

EOP Spring 2016 Graduation

Tuesday May 24, 2016

4:30-6:30 pm

John Carlos & Tommie Smith Statue Lawn

Register by Friday May 6, 2016


Cap and Gown Raffle

Cap & gown raffle mid- March

Check the EOP bulletin for more details

There are two awards available to graduating seniors:
Maria DLC Romo Academic Achievement Award 
Outstanding Community Service Award 


EOP Graduates 2013


EOP Graduation Key Note

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Debra and Student at EOP Convocation

Crystal and Student at EOP Convocation