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Own Your Education

The Fall 2015 is a new semester and a fresh start for many.  Make this semester the best one yet!  Be informed and read everything that is sent to you from the university.  Your half of being a student is reading and acting upon required items by the appropriate deadlines.

While the EOP Office has had several staff changes over the course of the last year; this is a new semester, you have a new EOP Requirements Plan to follow and you may even have a new advisor.  Any exceptions you may have worked out with your prior advisor were for that semester only. 

Know what your requirements are, when they are due, and direct any questions to your current advisor. Keep track of which requirements you have completed with the  EOP Requirement Tracker [PDF] 


FALL 2015 Plan Requirements will be available online Monday, August 17, 2015.


Please refer to your email to determine which plan you need to follow. There are distinct requirements for each group listed below.  Beginning Fall 2015, the EOP Plan Requirements have been restructured.  The email you receive will specifically list which plan you are to follow.  Please follow up with your EOP advisor if you have any questions.

Plan 1 

Plan 2

Plan 3 

Plan 4

Plan for First Year SJSU Transfers

Plan for First Year SJSU Freshmen

Plan for Guardian Scholars  



The Fall 2015 EOP Workshop Survey,  workshop calendar and registration links can be found on the Workshops page.

Attend and participate in a total of three (3) EOP workshops, one from each track. This is the minimum requirement, but please attend as many as you feel are beneficial for you. Ensure that your online workshop falls under a different EOP Track from your in-person workshops.
To receive credit for all three (3) EOP workshop requirements, the Fall 2015 EOP Workshop Survey is required/due the same week you complete an in-person/online workshop.
Complete at minimum two (2) in-person EOP workshops and one (1) online Spartan Success workshops and surveys by no later than date/time TBA.
STOP. Please read this section carefully: The survey at the end of the online workshop through Spartan Success is independent of the EOP Survey. The Fall 2015 EOP Workshop Survey is the only survey that EOP will be using to determine completion and credit for completing an in-person and online workshop.