Transfer Connect

Program Mission

The EOP Transfer Connect Program provides pivotal guidance and resources to first year transfers during their transition to SJSU. The program supports students in synthesizing their diverse life experiences and skill sets into pursuing academic, career, and personal advancement. We take proactive measures to motivate and assist students to achieve holistic growth and reach their full potential.

Program Goals

  • Assist students in identifying and overcoming challenges during their transition to SJSU
  • Engage students in navigating resources and services that meet their specific needs
  • Connect students with EOP and the SJSU community to foster a sense of belonging
  • Motivate students to establish personalized academic plans to stay on track to graduate
  • Help students develop strategies to embark on a fulfilling journey at SJSU and beyond

If you are a first year transfer, you may submit your questions here:

**Only first year transfers are eligible to attend Transfer Connect meetings and use meeting attendance to satisfy one of the assigned EOP Plan Requirements. Each Transfer Connect meeting focuses on selected topics and resources pertaining to the needs and/or concerns of first year transfers.**