Current Projects

Educational Aquaponics display with the Tech Museum

Modern aquaponics emerged from multiple agricultural methods that were seeking to provide a more environmentally sustainable means of food production. Aquaponics businesses are substantial players in the global agricultural market and the industry is still growing. Furthermore, aquaponics as a system was shown to be self-sustainable and environmentally viable.

This project provides an exhibit for visitors of the Tech Museum to learn about aquaponics. The exhibit demonstrates how fish and plants can be cultivated efficiently with minimal waste, space, and maintenance. Additionally, the system features an attractive and interactive space for children to learn more about aquaponics. The expected outcomes are a more informed agricultural audience, a healthier environment, and food for the community.

Community Partner: The Tech Museum

Smart Lockers 2.0 with the Gilroy Compassion Center and AtHack Inc

Smart Lockers are provided to clients of GCC for safe storage while they receive services, and AtHack is exploring installing outdoor lockers in public spaces for long-term storage. The main goal of this project is to improve on the initial design of the locker systems. Key areas where improvement would be carried out would be optimizing control panel/circuit space, improving user interface with customization based on user feedback, improving security of lockers, and creating an emergency backup power system. The lockers are extra-large for increased storage capacity where each locker is equipped with a keypad, LCD screen, power outlet, a short shelf and hooks.

Community Partner: Gilroy Compassion Centre , Athack Inc

Flying Drone array with the Tower Foundation

The project’s goal is to prove that programmable drone can detach from the Light Tower structure and fly in coordinated dances and then reattach to the structure. The project is building off of the theme of innovation, inspired by drone dances, like those done by Intel, and adapting it to live on a unique structure in San Jose. This iteration is going to focus on controlling a number of drones in the air and developing a scalable method for many more drones than are intended to be used in this project.

Closed-loop Integrated Agriculture system

This student team will be designing and building a closed-look agriculture system with local community gardens. The system will include a system that connect a rainwater
catchment, irrigation, aquaponics, and biogas into a single system. Currently, the California
Native Garden Foundation has individual parts, however, they will need to be integrated
together. There is also discussion of turning this project into a business plan, that will promote closed-loop urban agriculture systems.

Community Partner: SJSU Tower Foundation

Underwater Drone 3.0 with the South Bay Clean Creek Coalition

Project Pisces was started as an initiative in partnership with the South Bay Clean Creek
Coalition (SBCCC) to reduce depletion of endangered fish species. It supports SBCCC’s mission in conducting research of the fish with little to no impact on wildlife in the Guadalupe River. Below is the two projects for next year:

a. Improvement in Image recognition: Improving on a previous prototype
submitted during 2017-2018 academic year, this project will be to differentiate
the endangered species (Steelhead and Chinook) within themselves in addition
to differentiating it from other fish species. A proposed idea is to also recognize
adult phases of these fish along with the juvenile phases.

b. Steelhead Monitor Device: The goal of this project is to develop a device
that would also monitor Steelhead that usually stay close to the riverbanks. The
current prototype’s requires deeper sections of the stream, so the students
would need to redesign a underwater drone that can be in more shallow parts of
the stream.

c. Motors: Improving the Rover’s mobility through turbulent waters by using more powerful motors. During the rainy season, the Guadalupe river stream can overpower the current rover; The team would like the rover to be usable year round.

 Community Partner: South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition

CNC machine with SJSU Makerspace

By creating a user friendly 2-in-1 CNC machine, this project aims to allow engineering students an effective way to prototype their projects. The CNC machine will be a dual function mill and laser cutter and students will be able to switch between cutting tools as needed. This versatile design will provide access to two separate manufacturing methods, but on a much smaller footprint than two separate machines, maximizing valuable floor space in the room. The time spent manufacturing on student projects will be reduced with the availability of this machinery. Costs for this project will be reduced by purchasing the required parts and assembling the machine on site.

Community Partner: SJSU Makerspace

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