Concentration in European Studies

The concentration consists of a program of 40 units: 10 in core courses, 6 units in comparative courses, 15 units  of required courses offered by the Humanities Department and 12 units in electives offered by other departments.

Core Courses (10 units)

  • HUM 85  Introduction to Liberal Education
  • HUM 101  Human Life
  • HUM 160  Special Topics
  • HUM 190  Senior Seminar

Comparative Courses (6 Units)

Choose two from the following:

  • AMS 129  How the World Sees U.S.
  • AMS 159  Nature and World Culture
  • CA 173  Contemporary World Arts
  • HUM 119A  Studies of Antiquity
  • RELS 124  Literature and Religious Experience
  • RELS 130  Psychology and Religious Experience
  • RELS 131  Gender, Sexuality and Religion

European Studies Required Courses (15 Units)

  • HUM 119A  Interdisciplinary Studies of Antiquity
  • HUM 119B  Interdisciplinary Studies of the Middle Ages
  • HUM 120A  Interdisciplinary Studies of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras
  • HUM 120B  Interdisciplinary Studies of the Enlightenment and Romantic Eras
  • HUM 128  Perspectives on the Twentieth Century: The West in a Global Context

Electives (12 UNITS)

One course from each of the following areas (consult with the advisor for list of courses):

  • Area 1  Values and Ideas
  • Area 2  The Arts
  • Area 3  Literature
  • Area 4  Politics and Society