Humanities Minor

In completing this minor, students may focus on European culture.

Plan A

Students who have completed Humanities 1A/1B and 2A/2B may complete a Humanities minor by taking the following courses:

  1. Any one (or two) of the following six courses:
    • Humanities 119A Studies of Antiquity
    • Humanities 119B Studies of the Middle Ages
    • Humanities 120A Interdisciplinary Studies: the Renaissance & Baroque Eras
    • Humanities 120B Interdisciplinary Studies: the Enlightenment and Romantic Eras
    • Humanities 128 Western Culture and Society in the 20 th Century
    • Humanities 160 Contemporary Issues
  2. Any adviser-approved upper-division course in the Humanities.
  3. Humanities 190, Senior Seminar in Humanities to be taken during the senior year.

Plan B

Students who have not completed the Humanities Honors sequence may complete a minor in Humanities by taking 15 units of upper-division Humanities courses plus Humanities 190.